Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if anyone else is on Baclofen and experiencing the same side effects as me. I have been on the med for about 3 days now. I am getting very nauseated and light headed from this med. If someone out there has experienced this does it last or will it possibly go away after time once your body adjusts to it? Thanks for any info I get in advance!

Baclofen is a muscle relaxant, commonly used as an ancillary medication to one of the stronger anti-convulsant drugs such as Tegretol or Trileptal. It would be unusual for it to be prescribed as the primary medication of choice for face pain. From what I've heard, "yes", some patients do adjust to the medication and find side effects decreased over a few days to weeks.

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Hi Red,

Thanks for replying. I took Baclofen two years ago. At that time they had me on my my neurontin, tegretol, and baclofen along with more meds that I cannot remember. Now I am on my 3600 mg of neurontin which is my main medication for my ATN and Epilepsy. In fact, I am the one that asked to be on the Baclofen or at least try it again. I get relief from the med for the face pain. It deadens the pain actually. I just want some relief. I also take oxicodone twice a day for pain. I am just hoping the side effects lessen for me or I wont be able to stay on it because I can hardly drive or anything....Again thanks