Baclofen vs flexeril

Can anyone tell me the diiference between baclofen and flexeril? My former neuro switched me from baclofen to flexeril. My current neuro put me back on baclofen.

I was recently on flexeril for a few months & it did nothing to help. My Dr just switched me to Baclofen on Thurs & I am working up to a full dose. I don't know enough about baclofen yet, but I was reading the drug information on it and it actually lists TN as one of the diagnoses this is to be used for. I was surprised to see that.

Baclofen is a CNS suppressant. It does lower the “noise on the wire”.

Flexeril is a muscle relaxant that also has mood lifting properties. While baclofen also relaxes muscles, it does so in a different way; e.g. I can work out on flexeril, better than without, but baclofen actually makes it hard; it may feel ok on regular activity but exercise will bring out the difference, such as a leaden feeling trying to get the legs to move faster.

Flexeril can cause weight gain. Both meds are sedating; neither med should be discontinued abruptly, adverse effects are serious. Flexeril would be given to a broad range of patients, e.g. post car accident. Baclofen is typically prescribed for spinal cord injury patients, MS, etc. -

Of course, you can get all this detail online, and I am not a medical practitioner nor am I giving advice. I am merely relating some personal experience. And yes, I found baclofen to help with TN. It is supposed to be prescribed as second line and supportive with a first line TN drug. This is not quite how I took it because the carbamazepine was intolerable even at barely effective entry levels. So I had to drop it and stick with the other meds that had not even been prescribed specifically for TN for me (other dxs instead).

On a side note with that, I avoid Gabapentin as much as I can because the side effects render me mostly non-functional, but the occasional spot usage can help me out in a serious situation, so I have more than just baclofen at my disposal. I even tried flexeril during my last flare-up, not worth the bother for me. Cortisone helped the most, then baclofen, may have had some help from memantine, and my hard core arthritis rub helped some, too (decompresses irritated nerves for me, the camphor in it I believe).

I don’t see the benefit in flexeril for TN unless there are other, concomitant conditions.

I would expect you to get some benefit from the baclofen, but just some. Are you really ramping up to 80mg per day? I hope you find some relief from it. Please feel free to message me directly if you want to discuss it further, I might miss it otherwise. I hope this was at least a bit useful rather than convoluting…

Thanks for the info it was very helpful