Baclofen, how high a dose did you go to?

Hi all,
I did a search to see if I could figure out how high a dose some of you have gone up too with this med, but didn’t find anything…
So, for those of you currently on Baclofen or who have been in the past, how high did you go up too?

I have been struggling to get relief of my breakthrough pain, which presents as type 2, since September.

I’m currently on 1600mg Tegretol ( the max for me), 100mg Neurontin ( almost weaned off due to bad side effects and 40mg Baclofen.
My neuro is allowing me to increase the Baclofen by 10mg every 3-4 days however I’m anti med so a bit resistant , hoping it’ll start working each time I increase.

So just wondering how high you’ve gone up too?
Thanks, Mimi

OHi MiMi…I at one point was on 60mg of baclofen…I was a total zombie. I couldn’t function. Maybe a better idea is to add an antidepressant like cymbalta. The combo of those 3 is perfect. U don’t need to drive up the dose of baclofen so high that u are unable to function…try adding something with it to supplement the action. Hope that helps!!

Thx Lisa. I’ll keep that in mind, the nausea has been difficult to deal with the last few days.
(( hugs))

Mimi…I have a prescription for zofran for nausea that I can take if I need it. U don’t have to deal with that too on top of everything else…call ur Dr. and get him to call in a script for u…zofran works great for me. No side effects at all.