Baclofen and chest pain?

After seeing my neuro today, he switched me from the carbamazepine (haven't taken it in over a week or so) to Baclofen 10mg 3x a day. I just started taking it and already I've been having on and off chest pain.

Is this a common side effect and if so, can anything serious come from it?

Hi Taylor, I'm not sure whether it's common or not but I remember when i was on Baclofen last year, I began having chest pains, my GP even had me in to put monitors on me to make sure it wasn't my heart (it wasn't). I asked him if it was the medication as I had just started on Baclofen at that point and he said No, after reading your post I'm not so sure now, although it could be a coincidence! My advice is, if this continues get straight back to your GP and get yourself checked over. have you googled side effects of baclofen, it may say somewhere whether or not this can be a side effect and if it is you really need to have your meds changed.

Take care and I hope this has helped!


Call Your Pharmacist asap-- they know MOST about these meds !!!!

Hello, I have been on Baclofen for 3 months now and no side effects apart from nausea tablets that were needed as I built up to the 60mg dose I arrived at . At first I felt like a rag doll but that has past. I have had no chest pain despite having Arythmia since a little girl. It has helped me a lot, but everyone is different and if you are having pains I would have thought you should contact your neurologist. Hope this helps.x N