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May sound pathetic, but I am one year into my tn journey and cannot face the dentist. My tn began with a summer at the dentists, having teeth removed that did not need removing, dry sockets (which dentist thought was the root, pardon the pun, of all my problems). My wonderful gp eventually recognised and gradually helped me out of my black hole with tegretol and duloxetine and I was fortunate to be referred promptly to prof zakrzewska in London. She agreed that I should give dentist a break, but now I know there are a problem or two with teeth, but find it hard to tell the difference between tn pain (which has never left me, but is more bearable with meds) and possible toothache. Trouble is I sweat and panic at thought of dentist , has anyone else felt like this and overcome this crippling fear??

You could ask your GP to prescribe just a few Valium to help on the day. I also use basic self hypnosis and even have fillings without an injection as I worry about the dentist hitting a nerve. Print off an image of the TN nerve routes. Hi light the areas you are affected and ask the dentist to avoid injecting there. All the best with this :)

Thank you jackie, I,like the self hypnosis idea…did you have training for this or self taught?

Yes, I was taught self hypnosis when I was having chemotherapy, it was to calm me down as I was rather anxious. You may be able to find some self help pages on the net. It was so easy. Just simple breathing in and out in rhythm and gently repeating comforting phrases in your head. No mumbo jumbo or magic type hypnosis. I remain fully conscious all the time. it can be handy if you cannot sleep. It lulls you away!

Gosh you have been through the mill, feel even dafter now asking, but I do seem to have developed a phobia . Thanks for advise, hope things are better for you now?

Lesley (aka floss61)x

No worries Lesley, it was nine yrs ago and I am fine now. I learned a lot of valuable lessons during that period that have helped with my other "stuff" since. I did Google DIY self hypnosis and there seems a few good ones but I am unable to recommend as I have not tried. All the best.

It's understandable that you wouldn't want to go to the dentist after all that unnecessary dental work :( I had the same thing happen. I hope that your visit goes well :)

I really liked Jackie's idea of printing out the TN nerve routes. Here's one set of pictures I found: (click the picture to make it bigger and access the slideshow. Slides 2, 4, 5, and 6 show the trigeminal nerve)

Hi Lesley

I have similar feelings, since it feels like I have spent so long in a dentist's chair (I had 8 root canals that 'failed' before being diagnosed with atypical neuralgia finally last year!). I have been postponing a visit since my last extraction 9 months ago.. I hope you have an understanding and sympathetic dentist, that might make all the difference!
all the best! Maggie