Back on the Med Train and other health stuff

Just want to say, some days everything is really, really hard. I keep trying to buck up, ignore pain, exercise my butt off for other health reasons but whatever happens, it seems my TN starts to come back.

I was fine until hit 90 degrees and now so much breakthrough pain it barely feels like I’m not on meds when it hits. Not as MUCH(i.e. often) breakthrough pain as when I first started meds, but much more intense.

So, I get to go UP on Trileptal and deal with whatever side effects (exhaustion, again?) that will give me

I also have been having high blood pressure/tachycardia and finally went to a cardiologist who says I’m borderline with both these things and the echocardiogram showed that there is no damage from these things…No missed beats but a few extra beats, nut otherwise I function normal…

BUT, she says, my heart is deformed and it could, possibly, lead to a heart attack. So I have to go back and get an MRI on my heart.

This will be my third MRI this year. One for my brain (they found the vessel wrapped around my trigeminal nerve) The second for my injured shoulder (which turned into frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis) and now my heart.

Dr says she has only seen the heart thing ONE TIME before. For that person, the deformation meant nothing. But it CAN mean something. And with my odds with TN and drug allergies and a few other health conditions, I specialize in “rare” -

So just tired of worrying and sick and tired of being poked, prodded, stuck in machines. (3 MRIs in about 6 months!) I feel like every time I chase my goals this year I am being tripped up.

I have been exercising because of the high bp and trying my damndest to lose weight. However, due to the Trileptal, it seems my thyroid hormones have been getting low again. (I am so low I only need to drop a few points to by hypo again)

I hate the med merry-go-round. I am sure all of you do, too.

Maybe I should just take a day when I upp my meds to sit around and do absolutely nothing.

There have been days where I really didn’t do anything. I get how you feel about the meds making you tired and sluggish.sorry to hear about all the trials you face. I don’t know about upping your meds but I do feel at times you do just need to zone out and do nothing. Give your body & mi d a rest.