Back at the start

I’ve had TN for three years now, it was more or less controlled with medication. It was tolerable at least…
But lately I feel as though I’m back at the start… I’m three years ago me; where I’m confused, angry, scared…but worst of all I’m in extreme pain. I have a new doctor who is rubbish, he’s treating me for depression but fails to realise I’m depressed because I’m always in pain!
Everyone must have had that moment where they think…‘I can’t do this anymore’, well I’m having that moment right now. I’m just so sick of being in pain, day in and day out with nobody listening to me. I feel so frustrated to be back here again!

Hello AmandaD. Sorry to read that you feel you are back to square one. As you have been on meds while you were reasonably painfree it sounds as if these meds may have stopped working. Unfortunately are bodies seem to get used to these meds and they don't work as well. You say your Dr isn't any help. Can you go to see a different one? There are quite a few meds out there that you can try. There are also different procedures you could try. I hope you get some rest from your pain.

I think Mary has a point. If you would like to explore finding another doctor, a resource from the Find a Doctor page might be a place to start:

United Kingdom

A Special Resource in the UK: the Brain and Spine Foundation. This website lists centers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which provide services in Neurosurgery, Neurology, Spinal Surgery, and Radiosurgery. ...

Credit for discovery: Howard Techau, author and moderator for a Facebook group for TN and ATN patients.