Atypical Trigeminal Neuropathy... NEW DIAGNOSIS because of numb skin

So My Fourth neurologist and my fourth diagnosis. Apparently I dont fit into Atypical TN or TN

Had severe facial pain in left cheek for 3 years. I take gabapentin, pregabalin, verapamil and paracetamol.

The strange symptom that I have is that my skin is numb over my left scalp, left cheek, down left neck, left shoulder and left shoulder blade... This test was done using a small pin during my physical comparing a prick on my left side to my right. I was aware that my cheek was numb up to about my eye since the last time i had a physical a year ago but the area of numbness has grown quite dramatically.

There are facial pain conditions which initiate from the neck and spine so im goingin for another MRI to check for abnormalities in these areas and more blood test. I am more scared of finding nothing than actually finding something. 3 years is a long time !

Has anybody had numbness across there skin which has grown in area over time ?

Thanks Luke

I was initially diagnosed with atypical trigeminal neuralgia and then later atypical trigeminal neuropathy. The change in diagnosis came after the results of my EMG/NCV (nerve conduction study), this test confirmed I have trigeminal "neuropathy". The test was very painful but I am so glad my neuro ordered it because it actually gave me some justification for my pain. I have constant pain, burning, aching, along with a numbish/swollen sensation on the left side of my face and head. I also have occasional intense sharp stabbing pains. If you have not had an EMG/NCV, also called nerve conduction study, that may be something to ask your docs about. So now I at least have an answer to what is causing the pain and now my neuro is just trying to figure out what caused the neuropathy so any further damage can be prevented. I hope you get some answers very soon!!!