Atypical TN new symptoms

For the last few attacks, i have developed new symptoms. i have started having near fainting fits on the onset and also heart beats that feel like they are about to come through my chest!!!! it makes me sweaty and restless. the attacks have increased but i am very stressed at the moment with various home issues. the attacks are lasting up to 4 days and my eyes arent recovering properly in between. has anyone else experienced these symptoms?

Panic attacks! I’ve had panic attacks for years and your symptoms sound very similar. I would see a doc to make sure though.

I would also say panic/anxiety attacks. I suffer from them now since I suffer from my facial pain. I’m always worried if/when the pain will get worse which brings on the panic attacks.

i dont feel panicked? and i am always resigned to the pain that i know will follow in an attack. why has it started now and what can be done if it is that?

Sounds like panic attacks and anxiety to me too. My stress always manifests itself as anxiety. You said you have stressful issues at home right now. I don't get panic attacks directly from TN pain. But my TN does get worse with stress and anxiety.

You need to slow down and take care of yourself.