Atypical headed for an attack, is there anything I can do?

I take lamictal 200 mg in the morning and 100 at night. My doctor just added 10 mg of nortriptyline and told me I if I wanted to I could add another 10 mg after one week and another 10 mg after the third week. The problem is he only gave me 30 pills for the month so if I decide to add more I will run out before the month is up. I called yesterday and spoke with his assistant and she said she would give him the message, but I haven't heard from him. As of this morning the nerves on the left side of my face are going crazy. I know something's about to happen. I'm even afraid to try ice or heat because it might make it worse. Talking aggravates it so I'm staying quiet. Is there anything else I can do until I hear from my doctor? Thanks


the same thing happened to me when I went on Amitriptyline. He gave me a quantity of 30 pills..I was to take one for a week and up it to two pills then up to 4 if needed..Well I looked at the bottle and it had several refills..So I didn't worry about it..Take as many as he prescribed if needed..Eventuaslly he will call you back before the month is over and your prescription runs out..Hope that makes sense.

Thanks. I did have an attack on December 4th. I spent two nights in the hospital. My doctor prescribed four 10 mg of Nortriptyline at night. . I still don't think it's enough. I left a message at his office. I'm hoping he either adds more Nortriptyline or another medication.

Sorry to hear about your attack...This atypical neuralgia is horrible. The last couple days my tooth has been going crazy..I had to take more of my amitriptyline than I usually do. (I;m allowed 40 mgs) I took 20..It settled alittle. Now my outer jaw is so sore to the touch..It varies every day...Hopefully your doctor will presribe another medicine..What kind of pain do you suffer from?

Well hope you feel better soon.


Hi Stephanie, My ATN started on my left side and now it's on the right side. I'm having pain in the occipital area too. On the left side I get mild shocks along my forehead and behind my ear. My major pain is in the whole left side of my face. The only way I can describe is it feels like the nerves are rippling through my face and that usually comes right before an attack. I get random tooth pain. I use the solution my doctor gave me to swish around my mouth. It helps for a while. The pain I get in my head feels like my head is in a vice. Some times are worse than others. I just got off nortriptyline. One of the side effects is confusion. I couldn't think straight. It reminded me of when I was on tegretol. I stopped that and just took my first Effexor. I've only taken one and the side effects have already started. I became dizzy when standing up and my legs began to buckle. I know my doctor's going to say give it time, but I'm handicapped and can't take a chance of falling. I really want to give it a chance so I'll take a couple more and see what happens.

Hope you're doing well


Hi Liz,

Sounds like you're stressing - don't. More you stress the worse it gets. Adopt a zen like attitude and work out if you have come into contact with a trigger. Christmas is a shocking time for triggers - noise, flashing lights, stress etc. Back off a bit and see if this helps.

All the best,


Smiley, My trigger is talking. I've been on 37.5 mg of Effexor, but I take the generic kind. My doctor prescribed 37.5 mg for two weeks, 75 mg for two weeks, and then to 150. I am having terrible headaches. I was supposed to start the 75 mg today, but my doctor gave me an extra prescription so I can adjust to the 37.5 and then go to the 75 mg. Other side effects I've had are tremors, insomnia, and decreased appetite. They have decreased, but I'm still getting the headaches. I read where the generic form of Effexor can cause headaches. I did okay on Nortriptyline at 30 mg, but when my doctor increased it to 40 mg, I had a meltdown and that's when he put me on Effexor. I'm also on lamictal. I hope this works because I want to find the right combination and stay at the same dose as long as I can. I hope to level off at 75 mg of Effexor and stay there as long as I can because I know when it is increased I'm going to get those headaches until I adjust.

Hope you're doing well,