Atypical face pain

Just cant seem to find a answer…all I do is go over everything ive been through im so confused as to if I have neuralgia or neuropathic pain all I do is research everything only to more frustrated I want to go back and talk to all the dentists that put me here but im so mad I dont wana have to face them if I have nerve damage my window is closing for surgery to maybe correct it even if I was ok I know I will never be the same

I have a similar story to yours and have been dealing with this for almost five years.

My TN may have always been present and the surgery triggered it. Or I already had TN pain and the oral surgeon found my wisdom teeth impacted. I can go through this all day long, but at the end of the day my truth is - I have TN.

What surgery are they saying to do? What can you do? I see your researching. That is good. Can feel a bit defeating at times.

Let me know how I can help you.

i don't have shocks really the only shock i had was the initial tooth that started hurting but it was also the worst tooth in my mouth the one that did need a root canal but it didn't bother me for 10 yrs. thats why it gets confusing to me after i got the root canal the pain didnt go away but ended up having to go to the e.r. because i was in such horrific pain and my face was swollen i had to have a iv of antibiotics when i left i was still in pain so i 3 days later i got the tooth removed and the pain went away...then after that the pain went tooth jumping with each i had removed only to be in more and more pain. i just feel like i don't belong here because everyone here has attacks and triggers where i don't i'm just always in a constant state of pain my pain was moving around before now im on antidepressents it seems to have localized in the places where it started my right side ok i don't know why the letters keep changing sorry but the left still aches feel like my right side is numb but i can feel touch...the kicker of it all is they found compresions on both sides in my 3t mri which is really scary. i just feel like i don't have the ability to just live with it i cant

Ah sweetie,

I know that 24/7 deal. So hugs. Mine can be super mean and well medications are my only option. I’m mostly okay with that but it is another story. For the first year you know what I did? I only focused on the why and how I got tn. My doctors told me I might never get the right answer. They were right. It was not until tn totally kicked my pantaloons that I changed my direction. It took a lot for me to drop my originality search of how and why. That was not an overnight deal to be honest. My quest now is just to keep my pain levels down to a functional level, this is an on going battle for me. Yes it is hard. But you know what? we can do this!

It’s not that I have triggers per say, but things that can make the pain level jump from a 6.5 to 9 real quick. Other wise any more the pain just hangs around at 6.5 to a 7. That’s better than were I was a few months ago.

So here’s the deal. Take a bit and focus on just trying to relax (I know this can be hard but do it) take a bubble bath maybe with a glass of bubbly, read something non tn related, listen to music. Just try to get a few moments of notta. When your done start thinking were you want to place your energy into with tn and what will help you the most. I know these sound simple, but sometimes it’s these little things that help the most. I’ve been in that spot it sounds like your at, and I can say this; it might not go away, but it will get better.

Hugs and I hope you feel better soon. If you need to vent and cry do as much as you want here. We’re all here for each other.

Something’s to try if you haven’t yet too
Magic mouth wash, lidocaine creams gels or patches. Might numb you up too give you some needed rest from pain.

I’m sorry you’re going through this and I’m sorry you’re scared. It is a very scary thing to be faced with a chronic illness with no cure. But it doesn’t mean life is over.

Life will be different. You’ll probably go through the five stages of grief (in no particular order mind you).

You said they found compressions, are you considering MVD?

I’m still trying to find my way and get my pain under control after a year of being diagnosed. I know I will one day and that hope keeps me going every day.

We’re here for you.

i dont think i will have surgery any time soon all though it would be nice to slide right out of this pain im not positive my pain is neuralgia because when i had pain it struck me in a tooth which happened to be the worst tooth in my mouth the one that i was told needed a r.c. ill never forget the night it happened i felt slight aching in the tooth it went away that night and the next day boom it was it shocking pain ...after the root canal i was in so much pain my face swoll up and ended up in the e.r. with a iv 3 days later i got the tooth removed becuase i was still in pain that was the start of it all!

I know this sounds crazy and all, but have you seen an oral surgeon? My head is complete mud pie right now, please excuse oddness if any and the whole foggy comments. Could it be possible the nerve was damaged during the root canal? I know there are member here who have tn due to a dental procedure gone wrong. So yes the pain may hang out by your choppers but this could be due to some nerve damage. At this point I’m just shooting down the barrel. Any hoot, the main goal is to get the pain to simmer down. Hugs and I hope your day was better.

u said you were muddy too in ur last message is that cuz of the meds you are taking or the sleep issues you are having kari? yah my oral surgeon hes the guy that came and saw me in the hospital he said he saw a infection. but hes the one that also in the end told me i have tn he didn't say anything about nerve damage hes reallly nice he didn't wana pull my last tooth in pain but i literally begged him dumb move on my part but i was in denial.

It’s both at this point lol. When my GP first told me what I might be up against he told me about another patient he had. On the whole right side of this patient mouth; he (the patient) had gone to a dentist and had every tooth pulled over a period of two years; top and bottom, didn’t matter if nothing was wrong the guy just knew pulling the tooth would end the pain. Well after that and the pain was still there the dentist finally had him go to the doctors because his teeth had no problem, now they were gone and the pain was still there. I’ve had days were I want to do that but I know better. Because the pain won’t stop it not the teeth but the nerves. So you’re defiantly not alone the teeth yanking deal.

Tn is very hard to swallow for everyone. All of us have moments or times where we doubt what we have. This can be especially true in the start. So try not to worry about that too much. Just put your energy into making the pain a slave to you instead of the other way around. Alright I can’t think right no more so, um yeah. Hugs and just try to stay positive this will get better.