Atypical Face Pain and Hypothyroidism is there a connection

When I first started getting this pain it was shortly after my endocronologist (sp? sorry ) had started me on a higher does of thyroid medication. I told him my symptoms and he had not heard of anyone having that kind of pain as a result of medication. I do not remember now what exactly I was on or how much it was over 5 years ago I think.

Tonight Im in pain and Im just researching again trying to figure out why i have this!!

My arms feel like they are on fire tonight as well. Face is burning and pain in the jaw area. I get burning sensations in my nose, lips, forehead and often times it occurs with nausea.

Has anyone heard of any connection to hypothyroidism?



I found your question when I looked up any entries related to burning. I too have had the same sensations recently and though I figured it is neuro related, I also went off of then started back up my hyopthyroid medicine at the same time these heat sensations started. There is a whole list of other neuro symptoms I am having, and it is quite hard to pick them apart- but this heat sensation is one of the most annoying. I have intermitten TN on the left side but these sensations I am getting all over the same places you described AND I also get the nausea like you mentioned. Have you found out anymore info on this? I am waiting on an an apt with my new neurologist in the area. Please respond if you are still there. Thank you.