ATN triggers

I am preparing for a neuro appointment in 2 days, and want to make sure she does not say my ATN is migraine and puts me on aspirin like the previous one. So I figured I could come armed with what triggers it and point out which one of those I have.

My worst triggers are

  • computers
  • almost any noise over a certain level
  • wearing glasses
  • alcohol
    (I guess it sounds like migraine but it REALLY is not)

So - what are your ATN-specific triggers?

Hot coffee will set my ache off. Nothing ruins a good coffee like a face ache!! Mostly though it's numbness for me and I haven't really noticed any one thing for that, it's worse as the day goes on though. Started out this morning in the roof of my mouth and top lip now tonight it's my bottom lip and jaw.

Ahh ATN, the fun just never ends.

Yes, the fun is also ruined by having to suffer a whole day after having a few good laughs with friends, or just smiling too much. :slight_smile: But I am not giving that up, nor am I giving up the hot coffee -ever! You have my full sympathy!

I shall drink coffee till the bitter end, God damn it!!

A year and a half in and I am still learning what my triggers are. Actually I think they are changing too!

Weather, my cycle, stress, lack of sleep, cold wind, if I touch a certain spot on my chin.