ATN Question: what did it feel like when your tongue became involved in your ATN pain?

Over the past week the back of my tongue on one side has started to hurt. I first noticed that it was becoming more difficult to swallow but got to the point where i feel like there is quite a bit of pressure in my ear, is sore to the touch and feels like someone is poking into it at times.
The back of my tongue feels like it has a huge marble in it-or like it has been plugged w novacaine ( like at the dentist). I thought it might be strep throat since my neck was hurting too, but the test was negative. They sent me home w an antibiotic to take if i felt i needed it.
I had my normal 6 month dentist appt already scheduled for this morning and asked him about it. He said he did not actually see any swelling or a dental reason for pain.
So now my question is for ATN folks out there: when your tongue became involved, what did it feel like? Does it hurt more to swallow or to move it on your mouth? Is your throat involved at all?
I had a couple of tics in my tongue tonight- boy am I pissed! Is this the beginning of not being able to eat? I just about couldn’t move my jaw all evening. It took me over an hour to eat two tortillas and some cheese.