ATN Pain breaking through after sinus surgery

Hello everyone. I had sinus surgery May 22nd of this year and the demon is back! I felt it comming on, but hoped it wouldn't get any worse....but it has. My neuro perscribed a pain med to see me through the weekend to see if it gets the pain back under control. I have a difficult time taking these because I hate them. I have felt like I have a jellyfish attached to my face and head and chin the last few days, just attacking me over and over. The order on the perscription says to take 2 a day....but I can tell without looking at the clock when it's been about 6 hours. Has anyone had a similar experience and if so, what did you do? What helped and is it a good idea to maybe increase the other meds Im least for now? I appreciate any and all comments and help!

I would ask pharmacist what is safe to tweak -- very underutilized important person in our lives --- they know more than the doctors about the meds.

I can say personally from advil, tylenol 3 - etc....if it says every 4 hours - I was taking them at 3.5 - to keep pain at bay, not wait for it to come around again then squelch it...... ask doctor if not sure

Dear heather - I feel your pain. I have had similar experiences many times. And to be honest the only thing that has ever helped me get the severe pain back to a more manageable state is Methadone. I know not all doctors prescribe this and I was very much against it too at first but it works! I was taking Morphine and Oxycodine together for a while and I couldn't function. Wasn't sure of where I was half the time. I don't know if this helps any at all. I hope you feel better soon.


I would also agree with Kcdancer - take the pain meds on a very tight schedule. If you are ahving a bad spell, take the pain meds every 3-4 hours (or whatever the pharmasists and doctors recommend) to keep the pain at bay cause when it starts up it is harder to control. Don't wait for the pain to come!