Living With Facial Pain

ATN and dental bridge


Thanks so much for responding. The more I talk with folks they seem to agree to have it cut out not “rocked” out and for sure no root canal. Hope you are well.


Eh no see any physical therapist on recommendation. About the largest portion of your trigeminal nerve complex extends to your neck to about the C4 vertebra.

Circa 25% of folk with TN experienced trauma in the six months preceding TN, some 30% have aggravation of symptoms due to neck rotation, people have no vascular compression on mri but still have TN, and no nasties. Recurrent TN after MVD often shows no MVCompression. Bilateral TN on imaging often shows no MVC bilaterally. But hey lets sell you an MVD, it’s shown to work. Lets not consider side effects, or the fact Facial pain association feel it appropriate to fund genetic research due to the above i.e everyone thinks something is missing in the equation.

Lets forget that big trigeminal nucleus in the neck, heck TN becomes a symptom not a disease. The sad part comes from ignoring/ not researching it, hence due to neuronal plasticity it becomes a disease in it’s own right, chronic pain.
Facial Pain Research, in my opinion, lets every sufferer down, when they pay for genetic research before the obvious, after all if they find the genes what changed them?

Reckon the problem lies when they or medics find TN is a symptom not a disease, it limits what they can do, and it surely is.

Medics ignore the trigiminal cervical nucleus in more than TN. Radiologists are not trained to look at it on MRI referral for TN. Beggars belief.


Wow! That is so interesting. I completely agree with you. I have spent the last 4 years looking outside the box. I have had advice from some great minds but still no answer. I have been seeing a chiropractor who attempted to help but no results. Acupuncture has some effect but it is short lived.

I really appreciate your response. Can I ask if you have any pain and what advice did the physical therapist give you? For example exercises. Did they do any tests with you?

I worry I may struggle to find a good one where I live. Will do some research.

Very interested to hear more of your story. Thank you.