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ATN and dental bridge


Hi there. Just wanting to know peoples experience with ATN and dental bridges. I had a bridge put in last week and my ATN pain has never been so bad. It is feeling like I have made a very expensive mistake. My 3 front teeth were removed 2 years ago and I had some relief. I had a denture but still some pain. My dentist told me a bridge would be the solution. I think he was wrong.
Would love to hear others experiences.


I don’t have a dental bridge myself but others on this site do and they’ve all mentioned that it seems to be about adjustment and tinkering with the fit, that the slightest change makes all the difference, that a “normal” fit doesn’t always work.

I just had a crown done and am suffering through the fall out of ATN and dental work this week - but there’s light at the end of my current tunnel of pain, I can’t imagine dealing with a dental bridge with no real end in sight. My heart goes out to you. Good luck! Don’t give up! You’ll get there!


Thank you for your reply. It is a tricky thing. Going back on Monday to see about the fit. Fingers crossed they can do something to help. I appreciate you kind words. It can be very hard to find people who understand the condition. I thought my dentist did. Everyone seems to have an opinion. I really wished I had left it alone. If only I had a crystal ball :disappointed_relieved: I hope very much that your ok!


I agree.That crystal ball would be good.
But if you go back to the system you had before would that work?I have done the same thing.Thousands of dollars in appliances that are useless.
Make Christmas decorations from them.
What else can you do?


I’m thinking I will have to go back to the denture. I have 3 different people telling me 3 different things and I don’t know who to listen to anymore. It has been a really long road. I honestly didn’t think it could get worse. But it always can. I have 2 young children and work full time. I have the worlds most supportive husband and in every other way my life is wonderful. Yet Im finding it so difficult to be happy. I fear I’m on my way to a mental break down.


Please-the only one to listen to is yourself.The pain is too difficult to explain to anyone else.
Try and figure a way of having fun with your kids.They won’t care if you have a denture in or not.
If I had a crystal ball I would let you borrow it.


The bridge seems logical… But he may be bridging off the wrong teeth. It could also be “phantom pain” because of pressure in a new ara and will pass. New bridges hurt anyway as they spread your teeth a bit. Sorta like new braces when you were a kid. maybe you can pretend you are teenager again.



Thanks Ellen! Oh how I wished I could take the denture out. They gave me a permanent bridge to “fix” the remaining pain. My old pain was bareable this is so much worse. I use to take my denture out when things were bad. I told the dentists of my concerns with not been able to take it out on a bad day. He assured me that with the bridge I would have no pain. How silly was I. My gut told not to do it! Your right I should listen to myself.


I am so sorry
Live and learn
Have this be part of a lesson that you give your kids.
I cannot imagine.
Please let me know when you find something that helps with the pain


I have a permanent partial bridge just past the canine, 3 teeth back. I had a crown fall out and it was irreparable so it was either a bridge or an implant. with all my TN drama, I was afraid of what more could happen. I didn’t think I could endure more pain which people tell me goes hand in hand with an implant.
after the bridge, if I bite down the middle of it, it’s like someone rammed an icepick from my tooth all the way up and through my eye. I also feel toothaches on teeth that I don’t even have where the bridge area is, and it feels like a soldering iron is on them sometimes. I’ve had it adjusted and I’ve gotten a second opinion from my endodontist. as far as they’re concerned, if that paper you bite on shows the proper points of contact, it’s good to go. but we both know that that’s not true. I went from being a sunflower seeds addict and biting down with that side of my teeth to NEVER chewing on that side. I don’t know what else to do. after my surgery if it still hurts like that, I might look more into something called DTR therapy. I bet it’s crazy expensive though. for now I just don’t chew over there


Hopefully you can find some way to make the bridge work for you. I had a bridge installed in the “critical area”, and it has actually worked very well for me. Pain originated in the extraction site (middle of bridge), moved to next door tooth, had root canal, now it has moved to the next tooth in line. Had the crown redone, which has helped a bit.

So it seems that sometimes the stupid nerve just needs to find something, anything to complain about!


Dental pain is the worst! I have TN in V1 & ATN in V2. I can’t get anymore “real” dental work done, and that’s bad cause I can’t take very good care of my teeth without pain either so they’re not in good shape. I wait until they have to be pulled- no more fillings or anything! Dentists have a hard time understanding but I have to stand firm because I know the resulting months of severe flare up pain it will cause. I’m at the point now I need to go and have some more teeth pulled and probably get a partial, but I’m not choosing anything that has to be drilling or permanent put in my mouth. Just my experience. Have to go by your own experiences and what seems to be the least pain for your own body. Good luck!


I’m sorry you’re going through all this. My dentist told me the temporary bridge causes a lot of trauma since it’s rocking back and forth and such. It might take you a while to adjust. It’s only been a week. I’d try to give it more time. I’ve had cavities take a few weeks.

Your periodontal ligaments can become bruised as well and that can take 6 weeks to fully heal.

They can adjust the bite. Or they can take out the bite completely. I’ve had both done. If they take it out completely some metal may show if it’s a metal bridge.

You could also try a night guard perhaps. I’m not sure. Maybe you’re grinding.

To take off the bridge they do have to grind it down, so be aware of that. It takes some time. It wasn’t bad for me since I was numb and am used to that but they can’t just pop it off, assuming they used permanent cement.

I don’t know your medical history but a couple different dentists have given me steroids to help you heal faster. You only take them for 6 days.

Good luck and keep us posted!


It’s not fun at all. Your symptoms are very similar to mine. It’s a bloody tough road. What surgery are you getting?
I hope it is a great success for you. Take care.


Thanks for your reply. I have been advised to leave it alone for now and see. Not easy to put up with the pain in the meantime but attempting to stay positive.
Fingers crossed it just stops. Yes it’s in there with permanet cement. So not so easy to take out. My denture wasn’t great but didn’t appear to flare the pain the way the bridge has.
I have also been advised to try stem cells injected into the area. New research here in Australian. It is also a very expensive experiment!




Maintain dentists get a bad rep with procedures and TN when said procedures place a great stress on the neck, just the posture in the chair.


So would your advice be to see a chiropractor? My pain is related to the the trigeminal nerve. I would love nothing more for it to be as simple as damage to my neck from sitting in the chair.
I have had this condition for 10 years and I’m 35. That is a large chunk of my life. You name it I have done it.




Hi there. You get so many opinions hey so confusing. My dentist says root canaled teeth are very bad for your health. When I had my teeth pulled it did help. But everyone is so different. My advice would be do what feels right to you. Everyone is so different.