Atn 2

I know many of you have discussed MVD surgery. I want to hear from others that have had that surgery and are pain free now. Which doctor and where??? I was diagnosed when I was 34. I also have 4 children but am divorced and trying to manage this all on my own. I have been on more medication than one can imagine. I am scared though of having any surgery if the result is worse… Would like to hear others opinions…

I believe than TN1 and MVD go hand in hand…many success

With ATN, and very top notch surgeon, can get better, about 65% better.

I flew to michigan to go to dr. Ken casey.

You can learn much from his video


The tides of neuropathic pain

Much there about MVD and differences in facial pains!
, and other procedures.

Keep posting!

I actually met Dr. Casey.. Wanted to hear from people that had him perform the surgery for ATN type 2..

I have Atypical TN and also want to hear more : )

I just had MVD surgery Sept 14 and I am pain free. If you are considering surgery make sure you have an experienced TN surgeon. Experienced meaning he does the surgery A LOT. Gamma knife decreases your chance of full recovery because the nerve is damaged. I am still recovering, it's only been 13 days. I saw Dr. Morcos at the University of Miami hospital.

I am 9 days post MVD surgery. Doin ok so far. My Dr was in Univ of Ia at Iowa City. His name was Patrick Hitchons. Great Dr and I went home the next day.

Osubucks, I would like to chat with you about Dr. Lee. I also saw him. No surgery.