Arthroscopy / Arthrocentesis of the Joints?


I'd like to know if anyone on here had either an arthroscopy or an arthrocentesis (hope the spelling is ok:)) of the jaw joints and if so were you happy with the results. I got the night guard a while ago and it doesn't seem to be doing anything, on the contrary, I think since I started using it my TN and my TMJD have gone worse. I'm going to call my TMJD doctor and ask her what could be done but I suspect the next step would be either of the above mentioned procedures. Oh, and my night guard is nothing like some of you mentioned on here - it's a solid piece of resin, you can't adjust it or anything, it simply covers nearly all of my bottom teeth and prevents my mouth from closing all the way down, I think that way the discs get the chance of slipping back into their sockets-I just don't see it happening any time soon (or even later).

Thanks for your opinions,


I had two mouthguards (one upper and one lower). At first, I was remarkably better. Then, after a mouthguard adjustment, I ended up in much more pain and facial neuropathy I had never had before. I now also muscle spasms in my face and what seems like permanent swelling on both sides of my face. My oral surgeon thinks the mouthguard ended up causing my displaced disc to press against a facial nerve. For a while last year, I was also having synkinesis (when I turned my head when I was lying down, my eyes would close) but that has miraculously disappeared. I do have severe osteoarthritis in one joint and moderate in the other, with displaced discs in both. Because my pain is better, which is wonderful, I don't think anyone will be willing to do a surgical procedure in my situation. You may need to consult an oral surgeon who specializes in TMJ and possibly a consultation with a neurologist.