Art as therapy, anyone else try it?

I’ll admit, it still does’t take it all away but it seems to be helping me for the most part. I’ve been lucky enough to be skilled in photography through natural talent and been kind of bumbling my way around the painting world for a bit. I’m no Bob Ross.

But I have noticed that the pain subsides (or I just don’t notice it) when I’m working with my art. It’s something I’m going to continue doing since it helps.

I am nervous about my writing however, because I’m not sure how well my TN will handle it. I’m used to deadlines and cranky editors, so to do this sans stress my seem pretty strange to me.

I do have a flickr page if anyone is interested in. I’ve amassed a large array of photos and that sometimes don’t really fit much into the art category as it doubles as a posting site for my family photos I’ve taken. Perhaps I may need to create another site just for my art…one day.

Anyone else use their art to help, or have entered the art field to help their TN?

He says he’s no Bob Ross, but I think he’s talented… And handsome. Love you hun.

I know as a professional and as a mom - art therapy is wonderful for so many things. So it music therapy, equestrian therapy, dance therapy all things of the creative!

I'm glad you have some way of expressing your view of your world!

I took a Bob Ross class one saturday -- it was the coooolest thing -- and I cannot even draw a stick figure!

Thanks for sharing your album on Flickr, I loved the Japanese series.

Anything that distracts us from pain is a good thing. I am inclined to want to stay home when in pain but sometimes if I make the effort to do something I get distracted from the pain. Of course it doesn’t help when things are really bad.

The teenage daughter of a friend is struggling with a mental illness and has recently started attending art therapy several times a week and it is the one activity that will motivate this young girl to leave the house.

Best wishes with your art.