Aptiom & Cambia, results for anyone taking it?

Currently, last med that I haven't taken is Aptiom and Cambia. Cambia is a powder NSAID, mostly voltaren. Aptiom is an anticonvulsant that is a mixture of Tegretol and Trileptal. I'm desperate at this point. So, has anyone used these? Cambia was given to me for my chronic headache and Aptiom for the TN 1 and 2. I started on Aptiom at 400 mg now up to 1800 mg and not a huge difference but wanted to know others experiences. I'm not sure how much longer I can work like this. I'm on 9 medications. The pain is so bad and everyone, including my doctors are saying the same thing, how are you working? I don't know just out of pure need for money and benefits. :/