Anyone with TN2 suffering when head touches pillow?

I have TN2. When my head touches the pillow or headboard my nose and face starts to blow up with pain. It’s excruciating. Does anyone else experience this?

Dear Diane, pillow touch on my face is one of my worst triggers. It is horrible to go from a sound sleep to excruciating pain. My pain causes a real spike in adrenaline and I usually end up not sleeping the rest of the night. I purchased two pillows and put them down my right side at night to keep me from rolling over. So far it has been successful. Give it a try and good luck!

I have TN2 and I bought one of those cervical pills that support your neck and it prevents too much movement. I think it has definitely helped me.

What hurts me now is my headphones, I always listen to music at work in my cubicle but now my headphone causes massive jaw/teeth pain.


Yes. Been experiencing it for 6 months. Never thought it could get that bad. My sympathies to you I hope it gets better soon.

Yes… I have over the last two weeks started to notice that I am having close to full blown shooting pain while lying in bed.I sleep on my left side and my TN is on the Right side.
I have been able to adjust my neck in a certain way to calm down the urgency. It seems if I have over worked the neck doing yard work or household chores that put the neck in weird positions, or long held twists like electrical work or under cabinet plumbing work, I have a harder time finding a calm position during rest.
Lately when I feel the pain building, I try to find a neutral position which sometimes has me bending my face towards my chest. If you have pain issues inside your mouth like a jaw spasm, or gum line pain, it can also be brought on at times from grinding your teeth, or clenching your jaw without you knowing. This can lead to morning issues where you can’t find a position at all that quiets the pain.