Anyone with similar experiences?

Hello everybody,

I am going to be brief as there are experiences that almost all of you had: going from doctor to doctor, from clinic to clinic to see faces staring at me with unbelieving expression. It took me five years before a doctor said that the symptoms are giving an indication of Atypical TN. Then three 'operations' were made: with a needle going through my cheek until the lower trigeminal nerve, trying to heat it up and paralyzing it somewhat. Each time hotter. Result: nop, nada, zero comma zero! I take much medication only at night. After some experiences with different medication, I have now a situation whereby my pain is severe the first time that I wake up and gradually diminishes until the pain it noting more that a pression. This takes four times getting up, waiting half an hour and going to bed again. When I am up, the pain goed away and in the daytime I am not having TN-pains.

Also I would like to finsdd out how many experiences there are with the PainShield device. I found onlu one with very good experienes. The device is on the market since three yaers; Therefore I am surprised that thare are not more comments on it. The price is now € 550 (Euros).

Maenwhile, kind regards to everyone.

I am sure to be on the right (virtual) place...


Hi Walter,
I don’t know anything about the Pain Shield Device, but I have seen it come up in discussion here before. On the top upper right of the page is a search box, if you type in pain shield, you might find any references on this site that way.
I have also requested our Moderator Richard A. “Red” Lawhern to respond to your questions, as he has been researching all things TN for many, many years.
Take Care, Mimi


Thanks for your response. I did try trough the search box and only found one (1) positive message on the PainShield device.

I look forward to a message from Richard A.

Kind regards,



Not exactly a similar experience but bad enough..! All my sympathy. Don't you dream that the PainShield device would do what it promises? Or is it too good to be true? That is one of the things I would like to find out. € 550 is nothing to what you already spend, I would say.

All the best an maybe... who knows.