Anyone use/d Alpha-Lipoic Acid?

Hi, on the recommendation of someone on here (sorry, can’t remember who it was now!) who was told to try it by their neurologist, I’ve been experimenting with Alpha-Lipoic Acid. I’ve had mixed results, which of course are being compounded by cold winter weather here in Scotland.

I got a steep drop in ‘sensitivity’. My sensitivity is a general sensation like my teeth are sensitive to any temperature changes (or sweet tastes) and it feels a pretty much like bad normal dental sensitivity, but I wasn’t having many shocks at the time. I thought this was very good improvement until I noticed that I was getting one or two almost-shocks a day, including some with after-shocks (where the shock effect effectively ripples down with many little shocks). I put this down to a side effect of the nerve - perhaps! - repairing itself. However, as time has gone on these shocks are getting worse, and perilously close to the old-school shocks I had when I first developed the condition. It’s very depressing.

Of course, I’ve complicated the issue because at the same time I’ve lowered how often I am getting B12 injections. I was trying to get away from those, just to see if they actually make a difference. I’ve got them down to every 6 weeks (from 4) but these new shocks are making me rethink the idea and I’m going to go back up to every 4 weeks for a while to see if it makes a difference. Plus, of course, the weather is really cold just now so it’s playing its part too.

Anyone else used ALA? If so how did you find its effect on your pain/shock pattern? Anything similar to mine? Did that change or improve with time? I’d be interested to hear anyone’s experience with ALA, just for comparison. I take 1 X 600mg tablet a day at present. Thanks!

i have 2nd type of TGN_continues burning pain,i tried ALA for only few days ,as result;i did not feel any kind of progress,then i stopped trying ALA for more days due to bad feelings i start to feel in my body.

from my researches on web,i figured out that for that ALA gives good results,it should be taken with others components with a proportional amounts in respecting the proper amount.

These components exist in food as well as tabs,but for some components you need to eat big quantity of such kind of food to have the necessary daily amount so,you need tabs as complement.

All the above to serve the theory that says ,the nerve needs such amounts of vitamins and nutritional components, for few months continuously to give relief.

however before start any kind of treatments,check first with a general practitioner to give you the green light.

bellow you find data :

Lipoic acid

Daily needs: 600 mg/day

Percent Lipoic acid in mcg Food sources
100-300 mcg/100g Liver. Kidney. Spinach. broccoli
50 mcg/100g Peas. Tomatos

L- carnitine

Daily needs: 1500 mg / day

100 g of product Carnitine mg Percent
Beef steak 95
Chicken breast 3,9
Ice cream 3,7
Whole milk 3,3
White bread 0,147
Rice (cooked) 0,0449
Eggs 0,0121

Inositol ( vit B8)

Daily needs: 500 mg / day

The doses in food are very low.

Vitamine B6

Daily needs: 50 - 100 mg/ day

Foods Amounts Vit B6 (mg)
Bananas 1 medium 0,7
Potato 1 medium 0,7
Chicken 3 ounces 0,5
Green peas 1 cup 0,3
Spinach 1 cup 0,1

Vitamine B 12

Daily needs ■■■■ mcg/day

Foods 100 mg Vit B12 mcg
Beef liver 83
Beef kidneys 24
Eggs 1,4
Milk 1 cup 0,9
Chicken 100 mg 1
Sardines 28

i hope i helped you even little.

Best regards

Many thanks, Geo. My tablets have run out and the supplier has screwed up the order so I’ve been without them for a week or more now. I’m just monitoring things to see if there are any changes then I will restart the tablets for another month and see how things go this time.

You are welcome, I just wanted to take your attention to a very important parameter to control quality of life, it is blood pressure, usually for us, it has tendency to go even little bit upper than normal ex:90/130,as I know to be in a better relaxation, should be max 80/120.
So,TGN is a load on nerves, and by consequences on the heart, so, TGN, start the process to increase Blood pressure even little bit and create felling of non relaxation and it opens doors to untold stresses.
So, if we always control the blood pressure with extra tools, (use nature juice with garlic, apple diet,… Olive oil,… ) to reduce the extra amount of blood pressure, this way will give us advantage to stop acceleration of pain.
So, monitor your blood pressure, for 3 days, hope it is in limits, if no, check with a diet doctor.
If you feel OK to share that with me, I would like to share information because I also searching for a good list for natural things to help to control stress.

Hi Geo, I’ve no worries on the blood pressure front; I’m frighteningly even on that keel! My blood pressure, any time I have it taken, is always 70/130, to the letter. The only time I remember it ever varying was when I was joking around with my doctor and we got a bit hysterical and it kept going up and he couldn’t get a steady figure, so I only have to worry about high blood pressure if I laugh too much! Have a lovely Xmas!