Anyone tell me their sucess with neuorontin?

want to know what your experiences with neurontin have been and how much you take, side effects and effectiveness

My spouse has been taking Neurontin for her bilateral TN/ATN for the past 12 years, having changed over from Tegretol. Her dose is 2400 mg per day, and she has minimal side effects from it -- mostly occasional word recovery problems. Others are more sensitive to the med. Responses vary a lot between patients.


hi ya sluggo i take 3 thousands 600 mg a day i had no side affects they have been very good on the pain side not as bad as it used to be .

I take 1500mg and it is controlling my pain at present. I have been up to 2700mg in the past. Of all the meds I have taken it has the least side effects for me personally. I feel well and sleep very well. My gut prefers it. Also it treats my Type II better than Tegretol did.

After having severe reactions to everything except Neurontin, I was put on Neurontin and have been very happy with the results. Currently on 3,000 mgs per day and although I do have memory and word retrieveal issues (a small price to pay), I have no physical side-effects. Had to go off it for 24 hours due to being tried on a pain medication and I was in total and complete agony! It made me realize how well it's working.

Good luck and best of everything!

I am on 1200mg a day and am upping it currently to 1600mg a day as I only had a bit of background type 2 pain, the type 1 attack-like pain came back last night after weeks of the neurontin working and no attacks. It was strong enough to wake me up from my sleep. Narcotics don't even work on that pain (luckily pain meds do on the breakthrough background pain). My side effects happen when I titrate the dose up and last for a few weeks to a month - bad fatigue and cramp-like pains in my legs especially if I stand on them for more than 5 seconds. But this goes away as my body adjusts. My GP says to me well maybe you can come off it to see if the TN has gone - whaaaaat?! No way jose!

I am also on amitrip because this kinda pain gets you down but also because I have trouble sleeping and it can compliment other drugs because it works on pain.

I was on it for a very brief time, probably didn't give it much a chance but it made me sooooo dizzy

I am on 500 mg total. Doctor told me to increase. I am wondering because I am type 2 with constant pain. Bilateral. But right side is worse. I constant tightness and stiffness feeling in cheek, across to nose and down to chin. Will this decrease this feeling if I increase my med. My face feels like I am wearing half a mask. Almost like a numb feeling.

If Neurontin reaches an effective level in your blood stream, it will likely tend to moderate or "take the tip off the iceberg" of your pain. You might still have some background of pain but at much lower intensity. 500 mg per day is rather a low dose. Many patients are able to tolerate 1800-3600 mg per day, some with relatively few side effects and others with more difficulty.

Regards, Red

Going to increase, doctor said go slow, he wants me up to 800mg. Was holding off until I see pain management dr this Thurs. I know he did say we got to get up to 1200mg. Thanks Red, so far I think I am doing ok on gabapentin. A little tired at around 5-6 o'clock I notice.