Anyone take Tegretol?

My doctor wants me to start taking 100mg twice daily along with topamax. Has anyone been on this tegretol? Any side effects? I am so frustrated! I am so tired of drs looking at me and not believing the pain I am in. If only there was a test to show them the level of pain I am feeling!!!!

Hi Ginger, I'm not on Tegretol, but I know what you mean, I have been put on 150mg of Lyrica twice a day, it helped at first, but the pain is breaking through again, and I know what you mean about doctors, mine has give me relaxing excerise's for my jaw,I don't know what that has to do with nerve pain in my teeth and gums, as my sister says, (she has arthritis) if only pain showed up as a color we could see how bad it was. Hope you get the relief you need with the Tegretol

I was just started on Tegretol 2 days ago… And it is kicking my butt… I am supposed to chew 2 pills 100 mug every 12 hours when I have flares … Sharp shooting pains… Which has been going since Tuesday… Today I am like a zombie and still in pain… And she upped my topamax dose back to 100 mg at night…oy!!!

Look at google images…type trigeminal neuralgia … Print off or snap in your phone which pain looks like yours.

You need doc. That has hundreds of TN patients in their career…!!! Even if you have to drive further!

Put tegretol in search ox here…you can read about us here all day n that med.

PLEASE ask dr. To call in for you one or more of these…if they won’t…absolute get new doc!

Lidocaine cream for face
Lidoderm patches for face

Instant help

Can sometimes keep the other meds on low dose.

The more you read, ask, learn…the faster you can have less pain.

I have look and researched TN almost nonstop. I have decided to take the Teg. and so far so good. I am going to ask the dr about the other meds you recommended. Thank you for sharing - I am always looking for info!!