Anyone know if its safe to be on tegretol AND cymbalta together?

My doctor put me on both, but from my research, it seems like its not the best combo. Any thoughts?

Hey, I was on both. My neurologist & my G.P. prescribed them. The combination did not go to well with me. I was already on Tegretol, but when I added Cymbalta to the mix… I was just a different person & felt worse than ever. Tried it for a bit over a month, but then Neuro prescribed Lyrica. I have felt so much better on this combo. Sally

Oh, sorry. I’m not sure if it’s safe. It was never mentioned. All I know is that it was not good for me. It’s a pitty some doctors prescribe meds without actually discussing the side effects & interactions etc. some times my pharmacist has been the one to tell me these things when filling a script. Kindest regards to you. Sally : )

hi - although i was just now was prescribed this combo (of Cymbalta and Tegretol) - i understood it's NOT that safe. (but again - i'm not a doctor etc.)

i'm now on 90 mg cymbalta. and doctor said he wanted to add also tegretol - but i first have to get off a bit of the cymbalta to 60 mg and only add a low dose of tegretol - and report him of any significant side effect.

i understand there is one side effect (but forgot what) that they are afraid of. some (rare) possibilty of effecting the heart or kidneys - don't really remember. but i know he was very carful about it. that's why i really not sure if i should start myself.

Call Pharmacist !!!!