Anyone in Vancouver BC? I need help

I live in Vancouver BC

I am in the process of being diagnosed with atypical odontalgia and possibly trigeminal neuralgia. I don’t have a family doctor and my walk in doctor hasn’t been helpful at all. I desperately need a good doctor and a good neurologist and I would really appreciate some suggestions.

My symptoms definitely suggest atypical odontalgia (multiple teeth ache severely even though they are in good condition. Already saw several dentists. This all began with a root canal…)
Just recently, I began to feel strange sensation on my left face. I am deathly scared that I am going to start having even greater pain…

Please help

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I’m not in Canada, but there are several support pages on Facebook. You can post your question there, and hopefully there will be some people from your area who can give you direction.

I well know what you must be going through. I have TN and everything that goes with it. I have had all the try’s to quill it but it’s still there. I’ve had C. knife, Psr, Mvd. all the meds. So you are possibly right There is a neurologist in you area that might be helpful
Teal Philip A, MD Neurologist. Good luck hope things get better for you.
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