Anyone in UK been prescribed or using CBD (Cannabis Oil)?

Hi, a friend met someone at the weekend who had been prescribed cannabis Oil on the NHS for chronic pain. I’ve often thought I’d like to try cannabis as some (US) TN patients seem to have success with it, but I had no idea you could have it prescribed here. It sounds like great news, but I wonder how easy/common it is to actually get it?

Has anyone been prescribed it and/or used it here in the UK? I’m particularly interested because my current period of remission is definitely coming to an end and I’m dealing with daily pain that is, just, manageable, but I will doubtless have to go back on meds sooner or later. If CBD could delay that I’d be over the moon as I suffer very badly with adverse side effects on just about any TN meds. Anyone with any experience at all using/getting cannabis oil on prescription I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

You don’t need a prescription for CBD OIL in the UK or US. CBD oils is made from hemp. Simply, hemp is cannabis – the Latin name of what we call hemp is cannabis sativa. So as far as nature is concerned, hemp is just one type of cannabis. It is generally a particularly tall version, up to about 20 feet tall. It is generally much thinner, and often times has smaller and fewer attention-grabbing flowers.

While the differences between hemp and cannabis are quite vague and borderline non-existent in nature, in relation to UK and EU law the differences are quite clear. (Fortunately.) Cannabis is considered to be strains of cannabis sativa with THC content regularly over 0.2%, while hemp is strains with THC content regularly below 0.2%

Prolly one of the best “natural cure” scams in ages. Medical Marijuana is a different thing


Hi TJ, I’m not sure that cannabis oil is a “scam” as prescribed since it’s a new thing here and although the NHS is not beyond supporting useless ‘alternative’ cures, I feel they wouldn’t have put their weight behind this one without some science to back it up. As cannabis is considered a ‘gateway drug’ here they kind of stuck their necks out to prescribe it at all.

But hey, maybe I’m being naïve and they are letting us plebs have this as a token crumb to make us feel like we’re getting medical marijuana when we’re not. I honestly do not know what kind of strength of product it is, never having seen it, but I do know it will be to a fixed standard, if nothing else.

The woman who had been prescribed it said it was helping her. She had chronic sciatica and some other pain conditions, so unless she was experiencing a placebo effect (perfectly possible) she was seeing benefits on it.

Try: They have a wide selection. Amazon is a good source as well. It’s a scam in so far as they are selling it for the same or higher price than actual medical pot. It’s a byproduct of hemp (rope etc) used to be does help some folks but it takes some time and effort.

Some swear by drops, others vape I have a green card ( in the US that means you can buy medical marijuana in some states) It’s pot it’s not medicine, The only good iv gotten out of it was teasing the heck grandkids showing them my card.

If it works go for it. There are some great sites to advise you. Try for CO2 extracted.justabout the entire world’s supply comes from the EU.

Many thanks for that info. If the docs won’t prescribe it then I can go freelance! I found a ‘pen’ yesterday that they prescribe here for MS patents (inhalation I think) but because it has the psychoactive parts intact it is only prescribed by neurologists and consultants and the like, so I can’t imagine I’d be getting that one.

Anyway, I have a new medical practice so as soon as they’ll let me see a doc I’ll sound them out on trying it. Thanks again,


I was actually thinking of CBD yesterday. On top of GPN, I have carpal tunnel in both wrists from insulin dosage and planter fascitus in both feet. I have been in so much pain my chiropractor suggested a natural muscle relaxant that contained Valerian… The problem is that valerian jacked my sugars up above 300!!! I read that not only does CBD help with pain but it reves your carbohydrate metabolisim and will actually decrease blood sugars. Very interested in it being or becoming legal in Indiana. will not ship to the states, those on amazon are not as pure or a spray… Is there any other sites?

Very interesting, what you say about Valerian, Foxy. I took it for over a year for bad insomnia. I found it to be the only effective ‘cure’ - that and Melatonin. But I’ve never heard of it raising blood sugars before. I wonder if it did that to me?!!

CBD oil is available in the US as a sublingual spray also.

I got some yesterday, it has not helped yet but I’m starting at a low dose.

I’d be really interested to hear how you get on with it, Imom. Are you in the UK or the US, and was it prescribed for you or have you just bought it yourself?

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I’m in the US, I got it from a local health food store. I just found out that it is readily available. I’ll update in a few days.

Great, thanks. It would be really good to know what effect it has, if any. You can be our human guinea pig!

Hi, I’m in the UK. It’s the first I’ve heard of it being prescribed here!
If it is, they are keeping that very quiet!
I’m on my second day of trying it.
I bought mine from CBD Brothers. I’m trying the blue oil. you put it under your tongue.
I’m seeing my Neurologist on Monday, I’ll ask him. xx

It’s the HTC that does that I believe? That’s what gets you high. It’s not in the CBD oil

Yeah, I have been watching them closely due to dosing and diet has lowered them to normal range, rarely above 150 and they shot up over 300 with the Valerian. I researched it and it did say it could raise them. I am back closer to my normal since I stopped taking them. I was at 204 this morning and didn’t take any extra insulin all weekend. I normally take 60 fast plus a sliding scale of 15 for every 50 over 150 but average only 15-30 extra. I also take long acting. Are you diabetic? If not, your pancreas may have been working hard enough to compensate and kept your sugars normal.

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Yes, Debs, it’s definitely available here on prescription. What’s more I came across a ‘pen’ that was an inhaler used by MS sufferers. That is actually full cannabis, including the psychoactive agent, not just the CBD. They use it for leg spasticity apparently. It was only prescribable by consultants and neurologists though. Really can’t see me getting a neurologist to give me that!

I feel naturally suspicious of the fact that CBD oil has had the psychoactive ingredient removed - it feels too much like they are jumping through hoops to maintain legality rather than giving the best medicine. As they probably don’t really know why it works (they never do), how can they be sure the psychoactive part isn’t important (or even the most important)? As someone who has recently experienced first hand the adverse effects of stress on my condition, I would imagine the psychoactive part of cannabis plays a BIG part in helping nerve pain - so removing it just seems counterproductive to me - and no, I’ve never used cannabis or any other recreational drug so I’m not saying this because I want to get high!

That is really strange, Foxy. You wonder why a sedative would increase blood sugars, wouldn’t you? That makes me think about the connection between lack of sleep and insulin resistance/obesity. The human body is downright strange sometimes. Or is it maybe drugs that are strange?!

I have not tried the oil but I have to say that smoke g a lot when it’s bad has helped me a lot. It doesn’t really make the pain better but it helps with depression. On the days when it’s just been going on for to long and I can’t fight back the tears anymore I smoke until I can’t cry anymore and get on with my day .

If you want to hear something really weird… My blood sugars went from really bad to perfect after I broke my toe. It lasted nearly a year! I wondered if it might have been such drastic blood lost so the next year I donated blood… No such luck! :frowning: