Anyone here from Cincinnati area?

Does anyone on here live in the Cincinnati area? I have had TN/ATN for 5 years now and have never met anyone who has it in person. There is no TN support group here either. :(


Hi Mary,

I live in Delhi, which is at the southwestern tip of Cinti, near the river. I’m very new to the site and newly dx with TN. I would enjoy meeting someone and sharing similar stories, although at this point I don’t have a lot, but I’m a great listener. I look forward to hearing back.

Hi Mary and Julie, I just found this website today. I live in Milford. Work at Daniel Drake Hospital. Would be interested in helping start a group here. I could get a meeting room here at Drake. Let me know if you are interested. TN has resurfaced for me in last few weeks, was gone for many years. I tried to find a group 10 years ago, without any luck. Happy New Years!

Kathy, so glad you found this and Happy New Years to you, too! I'm here in West Chester and would love to help start a group. I am sending you a friend request so I can PM you my contact info. I look forward to meeting you!

Hi Mary,

I live in Liberty Township. I’ve been suffering from TN1 and TN2 for almost 3 years. I had a Fiesta MRI before Thanksgiving. I have an appointment with Dr. Ellen Air at the Mayfield Clinic to go over my results. I hope this is finally the break I need. My Neurologist is Dr Anthony with Riverhills Nueroscience. I am curious to know who your Doctors are in the area? I have some other issues going on as well so I have quite a few doctors. I would not have come this far if I wasn’t my own advocate. I really had to be very aggressive with my doctors to get the care I needed and referrals to specialists. I really haven’t been on this site very much but when I saw that there were people in my area that are suffering from the same thing I just really would like to know who your doctors are and if they have helped your TN. I would love to compare notes.

My name is Carol and I am new to TN, I live in Union, KY right near Florence. I would be very interested in joining a group or meeting some individuals in the Cincinnati area. please contact me. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

I am in Union Ky, near Florence, just me diagnosed and would enjoy meeting you. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Hi, I am new to the site and live I Cincinnati. I was diagnosed with Atn over a year ago. Did you ever start a group? It would be great to speak with people that understand

I do not think there is a group here in Cincy. I would be interested in helping start a group. Have not met any other tn people in person since being diagnosed 10 yrs ago.

Hi im from north central ohio about one hour north of columbus. I go to columbus alot lately as i try and navigate my way through the many different docs and dentists to treat tn. Im newly diagnosed and still taking care of some dental issues hoping that is the cause. Time will tell. The pain is devistating and i understand why people need support groups !

Hi all, still don’t think a local support group has been started here in Cincy? On the Mayfield clinic website there is a contact person and phone number, but it went to a financial person, I left a message, no return call. I have a message out to a person on the site from Indianapolis area who attends a support group there, hoping to hear from her for some advice. I also just had my in-depth phone interview with Mayfield clinic neurosurgery, mention to them that I want to start a support group, hope to hear back from them, perhaps with some assistance. At any rate, I am absolutely determined to get this group started here, and my dream is to still attend after a very successful MVD, to offer hope for others! My TN1, has relapsed recently, the worst ever, on mega Tegretol. After all these years of having this, I still have not had a face-to-face conversation with another TN person. I think this website is absolutely wonderful, but I think having that face-to-face interaction could be tremendously helpful. I still work at Daniel Drake, we could get a room there for free, parking is simple, and it is fairly central location. Anyone interested still, please reply back, or call me anytime at 513–■■■■■■■■. Wishing you all pain free days! Kathy

Hello, I live in Wilmington and would like to chat with anyone and share info. I have been going through this for exactly a year now. My husband is retired Air Force and the chief neurologist at Wright Patt actually said that he was baffled with my symptoms. He has turned me into a walking pharmacy. I finally have the referral to see a neurosurgeon off base on Dec,14th.

I'm hoping that he too is not baffled....I am at wit's end.

Mary Beth