Anyone heard of the Muscle in the neck being cut during MVD

Has anyone heard of the neck muscles being cut when having an MVD.

My surgeon has cut the muscles in the right side of my neck while having my MVD, i just wondered if anyone else has heard of this or had it done.

I am in terrible pain from where he says he cut themuscles in my neck, they gave me a neck collar to wear while i was in hospital as my head leans to the right where he cut the muscles. I got told though not to wear it too often as they want my muscles to strenghten on there own so have not been wearing it. But the pain is awful.

I had never heard of the muscles being cut before so if anyone has heard of this would they kindly let me know of what they have heard.

Many Thanks Nita x x x

I have not heard of it but just wanted to say that I am so sorry for your additional pain. I guess anything that is in the way there can get injured. My daughter had tears in a tendon due to tumbling while growing and her growth plate pulling. She had an injection there. The doctor took her blood and spun it so only certain parts were left, the parts the cause healing to occur. He injected this into her knee and it was like a miracle occured. I wonder if something like this would help your neck?? If you are interested, I will find the name of the procedure and let you know. I have medicated brain right now so words are not coming to me... Hang in there.



Hi, Anita

I had MVD surgery and that didn't happen to me but I have heard of it happening before. I am a member of another support group called daily strength and I do remember a conversation about it but I cannot remember from who, you might ask on it and see if anyone reply's. Sorry tegretol makes my memory about details not so good.

Anita, have a read through this

Lyn x