Anyone heard of natural Sarpin from a plant?

Hello to all, I’ve not been on site in a while even though still in pain with ATN. I’ve been helping daughter move. While watching “The Doctors” tv show learned about Sarapin for pain. Sarapin from a plant stops pain signals in the nerves of the spine without affecting other nerve functions or motor functions. In an earlier study, it was noted to have an effect on sensory nerves, relieving nerve pain without change in skin sensation, and having no effect upon the motor nerves. In toxicity tests, it has found to be harmless and there were no signs of tissue coagulation or sclerosis.
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Another page i read said used for TN. I need to catch up on this web site as I find it to be a great support. Latest on me, my doc is trying to get the P-Stim for facial pain for me. He put diagnosis as Trigeminal, so insurance turned it down :frowning: I don’t think person doing claims has any idea what TN is. If they knew, it would be covered right alway. One thing I know for sure, barometric pressure, lightning, make the nerve hurt more. My teeth on right side are all hurting now. Or at least feels like my teeth, a continuous, relentless ache. Maybe tomorrow will be better. D