Anyone have liver dysfunctional problems due to tegretol/carbomazepine? Please get in touch

Visited a liver specialist today and basically my liver is suffering due to the above. Tried other meds but no success to date.

I have taken Tegretol and found out I was allergic to it. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. What other meds have you tried?

Your friend,


Hi Jackie, I’m with you girl! I was recommended to try milk thistle & since taking this my blood results have improved. I take 30g daily & you can get them from any health shops. Maybe mention it to your doctor first so that he/she keeps a note of what you’re up to. It doesn’t interfere with Tegretol at all which am very pleased about because nothing else works for me. Now…if only I could raise my sodium!

Hi Jackie, how did you get on with finding some milk thistle, I ask as I had to shop around the health shops a bit until I found what I wanted and that dose. Also, what I meant to ask you is…when you saw the liver specialist, did he/she give a copy of any results to you to enable you to know exactly what is wrong? Then you can have something to work towards in trying to correct them? Worth a try…

I could only be on those meds for 3 weeks before my liver was in serious ptoblems, so they had to put me on opiates, nothing else works. Tegretol and Neurontin were the ones I tried. Started taking milk thistle and found the right supplements to pretty much make me well from lupus, then again my liver acted up so I can’t even take those anymore.