Living With Facial Pain

Anyone have experience with these drug combinations?

I’m currently in a part of the world with little experience with GPN.

Unfortunately a month ago, I suffered a return of this terrible evil pain. On advice of my doctor, and after a few titrations, I’m now taking lacosamide (Vimpat) 200mg twice a day and carbamazepine 1,400mg per day (in doses of 400mg, 600mg and 400mg).

Does anyone have experience with these doses and what I should keep an eye on? I hear they are on the high side.

I was informed surgery is not really an option for me as they can’t find any physical impaction.

Luck for me I suffer episodic attacks and can have relief for up to two years…

Thank you in advance.

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One thing that is unique if that some drugs we take to treat our condition are also quite commonly used in treating epilepsy among others. Some of them can cause gums to have a stimulated growth to very high on the teeth. When I worked as a cop when we did breathalyzers epileptic people would often have false readings due to their meds and they had unique smell to their breath similar to a surgery diabetic smell.

Neurontin never did much for me. I take oxcarbaxine at 600mg twice a day. I mostly noticed the mental slowing. Not as bad as some other drugs we may have to take. In any case I’ve had no problems with either drug other than the aformentioned. My gums are fine. Like many I’ve had various combinations over time. Each person is a bit different. Personally I would go to a pharmacy and talk to a pharmacist. They know their meds and interactions.