Anyone have any Hot sensation in the back ok eye?

My left eye I would like to pull out!! Ice works ok but it’s very cold to keep I e on the face, face masks don’t work the rubber gel masks harden up after being in the freezer . Any suggestions ??

I don't have heat but I have pain behind my eye. Sometimes it is so bad I try to keep my eye closed. Sorry I'm not responding to your particular situation.

Well I do, but it comes and goes very quickly. But u always have a deep pressure in my eye and around it. This is so annoying too.

mine is all on my right side. It often sometimes starts behind my nose and than travels to my cheek before going up and down.

I feel like an ice pick is going thru the middle of my right eye and then the pain radiates down the front of my face. The pain goes toward my cheek, nose or temple area. It is constant for me with severe breakthru's. Heat is the only help for me, not ice. I cannot tolerate cold anywhere on my face.

I do! I am actually seeing an optometrist the day after Christmas if hurts so bad for so long, I feel as though my vision is affected. Does your eye twitch? I feel like t could w bc the occipital nerve is connected to the trigeminal nerve branch. And I also believe my ATN started from a shingles virus and I suffer from post herpectic neuralgia. Do you suffer from geniculate neuralgia? Was your pain ever in Your ear? It could be traveling to the nerves near I around your eye.

Hiya , I have a lot of pain in my right eye . I have a pulling and tugging sensation and my eye can be very painful . I find bright lights and watching TV or a computer screen makes this worse .it actually feels like my eye itself is damaged .i have a lot of pain under my right eye too and a lot of periodical right sided facial weakness which originates under my right eye ,as if Im having a stroke and a lot of swelling .I had MVD surgery in. 2010 and there was 3 impact points .its back as bad as ever now and my latest scan showed a logitudinal stuctre and friction .After I had MVD in I seen an eye specialist who said I have Bletharitus in both eyes and he thinks its to do with my trigeminal problems too .he also said the eye is part of the trigeminal nerve and when its impacted in the head it can cause it to spring ,hence lots of pain .can feel like a hot poker in the eye .If im going through a hard time I try to stay as calm as possible with as little visual stimulas ,especially computer and TV and be mindful ,this is the only thing which works for me .The pain under my right eye is continuos and very hard to manage ,hope you find answers and find a way to deal with it .

I have eye pain on the left, but it is to the left corner or if I blink it can hurt sometimes. I can't tolerate extremes of cold or heat, nor can I tolerate any wind on my face. I find that if I remain calm and do some breathing exercises, like they teach you in yoga, I can sometimes get the pain to subside somewhat.

I have awful pain in my right eye. It effects my vision and I have many days I wish I could just pull it out or stick a knife through it. If you find something that works please let me know.

my son gets terrible burning,stabbing aches! the only relief that he's found is by taking tablets called pregabalin(lyrica). I wish you luck with controlling your can be distressing at first.

I had terrible pressure behind my left eye, it would feel like the eyeball was pulling off to the left and it affected my vision. Can't stand any cold on my face, but a heating pad brought a lot of relief. If cold works for you, try using a bag of frozen peas or corn kernels, they'll mold to your eye sockets better than gel masks. Plus you can eat it! Maybe wrap it in a kitchen towel. It's weird, but Tylenol helps me, even though I'm already taking Tegretol and gabapentin, and effexor for nerve desensitizing. I've been off work now for a long time, and the long break from computer use has helped immensely. Good luck!

I have ATN and have pain in back of my left eye not heat. I also get pain in my left ear, whole left hemisphere of my head, and pain on top of my head. All of these have felt like knives or stakes were being driven in. Before I got help, ice did work to an extent with Tylenol. Your eye doctor(not optometrist) can give you an eye drop called ketorolac to easy the swelling and burning sensation/pain.

I had experimental surgery done earlier this year at the University of Iowa in which they implanted a new type of neurostimulator in my head. This is a study and I was one of the first "guinea pigs" (LOL). It is not covered by most insurances, yet. After some adjustments to the device, my pain has been greatly reduced. Hopefully sometime in 2014 the FDA will approve it and it can used on more people with TN and ATN. Medtronic, the company that makes it, has told me that they are writing the paper on the study and will it submit soon for publication and hopefully the FDA will approve it.

I still have to take meds for the depression it has caused (I have been in pain for over 2 years and the tons of meds I have taken were not working very well. At one time I was taking 25 pills a day with a fentanyl pain patch). Sometimes I still get breakthrough pain for which I can take hydrocodone (Vicodin) and baclofen.

I hope this helpful. Have a Merry Christmas and lets hope for approval nest year so people like you and me can get relief!

I have had a burning sensation in my eye and aroun it since mvd 3 months ago. It really hurts to blink. So far not responding to drops. What is ketorolac drops. Have been on a drop that was a steroid and antibiotic and two others that are steroids. Nothing is working. Don’t know what to do.

Ice was working for my burning eye sensation until I figured out it was my TN, just a different type of pain. Anyway, I quit using ice because having a hx of TN I know that cold aggravates it, even though it is feeling good for the time being. My eye is not hurting near as much as it was!

Ketorolac drops are anti-inflammatory.

JT said:

I have had a burning sensation in my eye and aroun it since mvd 3 months ago. It really hurts to blink. So far not responding to drops. What is ketorolac drops. Have been on a drop that was a steroid and antibiotic and two others that are steroids. Nothing is working. Don't know what to do.

My left eye orbit, and inside my eye get heat and throbbing and extreme pressure, like if they are making diamonds. When I rub my face for a good 45 seconds, The blood flow that comes back helps me.I just put my hands on my face and massage it with a little pressure, enough to relax the muscles. Also heat pack, and Voltaren Gel for around the eye, like on the temple. I also rub my eyebrows from my nose to my temple in a smooth motion.