Anyone have a root canal/crown on the same side as your TN?

Just wondering if anyone has had a root canal or crown or even filing on the same side as your TN? Also did your pain start out dental related or did you think in the beginning it was dental related?

I have gone thru the same confusion questioning is it TN or is it dental. I can only say sometimes yes and other times not. I recently had two root canals on my Left side . The canine tooth was abscessed , had been to dentist, endodontist. Endo said no, dentist said yes. Went three months with an abscess brewing it was awful. The V2 branch was affected. Because the endo said no , thought it was TN. Ended up with abscess, apioectomy where they had to remove tip of the tooth then scrape infection from the bone. I was on antibiotics for 6 months to kick it out. I never take that chance and go straight to dentist to make sure. Recently dentist was doing crown on the bottom tooth left side and that had to be root canaled was not so bad. I have a very good dentist who has been on board simce the onset of these dental and TN issues. I am lucky this way. I think there are alot of us dealing with these types of confusion with Tn and dental problems. I load up day before if any major dental work to be done to try and keep TN pain at bay. It does help.

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I thought it was a tooth because I had been having these stabbing pains for months but the dentist didn't find anything. I went back because it was getting worse and he still didn't see anything except maybe a tiny, tiny little crack. He gave me a shot, shaved my tooth down and put a temp crown on it til my permanent crown got ready. This was on a Thursday. That Friday night I was in the most excruciating pain EVER. Pain meds didn't help. Nothing helped. I went back on Monday and he sent me straight over to an endodontist for a root canal. The endo didn't really think I needed one, but said he would do it if I wanted him to, so I got him to do it just to try. The pain still didn't go away so I went back to the endo that Thursday. He tested all my teeth and all was ok. When I described the pain in more detail to him, he said it sounded neurologic to him and that if it continued, he would send me to a specialist. I took it upon myself to see my GP that next Tuesday and was immediately diagnosed with TN and prescribed Tegretol.

I just had a root canal for an accessed tooth two days ago. It was right next to the area where I have my TN pain. For a couple of weeks whenever I touched the gum it would make my TN pain go off. I saw my Neuro prior to the surgery/treatment, the only suggestion was to take a med that would give me amnesia so I did not remember the surgery because they all had decided it was right by the nerve. The other suggestion was to double up on a med that I am currently taking which is giving me serious diarrhea at a partial dose. Since anesthetic does not work for me, I had this done without any anesthesia at all. Good luck and God bless. My children think I am some sort of a super hero.

Shawnamohana, my TN started within 2-3 weeks after my crown on the upper right side of my face was done. I did go back to my dentist to check on any cracks, infection or other cause, but he found nothing wrong. My wife & GP diagnosed the problem right away. I was very lucky. I did get second opinions from Oral surgeon and root canal specialist. My struggles have been with finding the right meds to control the pain. I have both Type I & II, but the Type II is more prevalent for me. I hope this helps you.


In the beginning I thought my pain was tooth related. I had 3 root canals done on the side I was having pain trying to get rid of it. It did not help the pain at all. I went to 2 other dentists thinking that the root canals had not been done properly and that there must still be nerves in there. That was one of the things that helped me realize that all these different pains I was experiencing were due to TN. I ended up having Type I and Type II TN. After 10 years of pain and not knowing what it was I was able to have MVD surgery this past November with success.

I also went to 2 different dentists in the beginning because that is where my pain started along with swollen lymph nodes. They both said nothing wrong with the tooth. It was probably two days after that I got my horrible jaw pain and it slowly progressed to 24/7 horrible pain. I got rid of the horrible jaw pain with neck exercises/mckenzie, and haven’t had it since Nov. And have not been on any meds. I continued to have ear, neck and angle of jaw pain but not bad like the TN pain. Well it came to me a few nights ago in the middle of the night that I had talked with someone on here about mercury fillings. So today I went to a biological dentist, she showed me on x-ray that I have pieces of mercury in my gums around that tooth. Not too long before my TN I had gone to a dentist who had put a crown on a problem tooth that had an old mercury filling. I think he drilled into part of the mercury filling sending pieces into my gums, then covered it with a crown. I think that mercury has been causing my ear neck and jaw pain, my lymph nodes to swell and even pain in my neck and shoulder. Maybe this was the cause of the inflammation in my neck that compressed my nerve and caused my TN! I guess I will know for sure if it goes away after I get this out.

Yes, long story short / 2002

I was tested with nerve test to see if I needed a root canal before getting a crown....roots were fine, I did not require the

root canal. But several hours after I was home from dentist severe pain set in and the rest is history...still have it. Off and on remission, but it is always there, I have never been the same.

If you care to hear more I have all my medical records.

I really didn't have any dental pain/ just replacing an old filling.

But hearing all these stories of dental related TN.....with no clear answers, it just makes you wonder.

Mary Ann


Mary Ann, I'm glad you didn't get the root canal, from what I am reading they can cause a lot of problems too. When they replaced the old filling did they drill out an old mercury amalgam filling? If you feel like it and have time to read up on mercury poisoning, I would be very interested in what you think and if any of it fits what you have been going through since your filling replacement.

thanks, shawna

Many root canals, turned into many pulled teeth. This was after the pain had started and was supposed to be the cure. 4 dentists later and now teeth that are no longer there still hurt really bad at times…that was a clue that something else had to be going on.

Damaged by Sargenti Paste R/C, I had read of your experience back when I first joined. I will try to make this short so won't include how I got rid of my TN pain that went along my trigeminal nerve(I feel it was caused by something different than what everyone else believes you can read about it on my page). When I was left with mild ear pain, neck pain, swollen lymph nodes and pain with and under a certain tooth I started looking into the whole dental thing again. I learned from my TN experience that regular medical doctors were not going to help me and my dentist was no better. He even told me I should not read anything other than what the american dental association puts out. Well anytime someone says "I'm right, don''t listen to anyone else", that mean they aren't sure what they are saying is true and they feel threatened. Anytime someone has the truth, they will tell you do your research read all you can on both sides then make your decision. I did remember your experience and called the dentist that did the tooth I am having problems with. I thought It was a root canal with a crown. Turns out is is a crown WITHOUT a root canal. I asked if they pack it or put anything else in it if there isn't a root canal and she said "no". I even mentioned sargenti paste. Do you know if this is correct? The problem is they are 24hrs away from where I live now so I can't go in to really ask questions. It's so hard with that kind of stuff on the phone. I am going to a biological dentist in three weeks, I am hoping they can shed some light on what is going on. I am having a lot of other symptoms besides the pain that are exactly what others say they have with mercury poisoning.

Have you tried anything to heal the nerve that made any difference?