Anyone have a good med combination that really helps

carbamazepine 1200 isn't working for me it helps but just leaves me really dizzy like your drunk, is there a combination of drugs that have worked for you? Maybe this lousy doctor would be willing to change this for me apparently i need to do his job for him

I take tegretol (carb....) gabapentine and nortripyline not perfect but helps

I take 1600 of the Carbamazapine (no help for me at 1200 or lower) and am currently trying 600mg of Gabapentin at night with that to help with the super half burning face. I tried the 50 of the Nortriptline at night and it was a great combo but the side effects were a drag (super-duper dry mouth, constipation, water weight gain). I have been increasing my exercise for sanities sake so the dry mouth was a bother. The Gab. isn't working as well so far, still have fire face so I will wait and see. I may just put up with the side effects of the Nor to get the relief and call her good enough??

I will say I had the same side effects from the Carb and it took about a week or so to normalize and when ever I've had the to increase it's like that. I would sit all day and night with my eyes closed because of the dizziness.

I pray tou find what's right for you. I find info here through the resources provided and present it to my GP. She'll really good about trying things with me, and researches stuff I bring to her. She says I'm only the secong patient she's ever had with this.

I'm kind of new ti all this but it does seem alot of people have to "help" their Dr's do thier job.

God Bless, Good Luck, all those things,


doctors see very few TN patients ,mine dosn't mind at all when I tell her things I have learnt about TN

and meds

I have type II and I take trileptal 1800mg/day, baclofen 30mg/day and cymbalta 60mg/day. I have tapered up on the trileptal over the last few months but, this is the best pain control I have had in years!! Hope that helps.

Began taking Keppra in Nov. for the first time in several years actually have some pain free days. There was a big adjustment period.

Be careful about Nortripyline - it put me in the hospital with rapid heartbeat. If you have, or your family has a history of heart problems, be sure to let your doctor know!!! I'm only on Lyrica now, but really need to add something (Nortripyline was my add-on that caused all the problems). I'm not sure what to add now. I have post-herpetic trigeminal neuralgia in my eyes, scalp, face and teeth. Any of you with PHTN have any success with any medicine other than Lyrica?