Anyone get tooth pain on opposite side?

I have type 1 TN on the left side of my face that is currently being resolved with 200mg 2x daily. I do experience a small amount of breakthrough pain; however, most of the discomfort would be better described as pressure...kinda feels like the tooth wants to explode!

My question is does anyone experience increased sensitivity in their teeth on their non-TN side?

I believe what I'm experiencing is TN related but thought I would check with the experts thanks!

I have atn facial pain on the bottom of my face(jaw, teeth ,behind my ear) but on some days the pain creeps up into my top left side teeth . My bottom tooth always feels like it is going to explode. :frowning: and some days I want to rip it out with a pliers. It is hard for me to tell if the pain is tn or my chronic sinusitis.