Living With Facial Pain

Anyone ever had or hear of "scrambler" machine therapy?


Was wondering if ANYONE out there know anyone who has had a therapy for different types chronic pain called Scrambler machine therapy? Mild electrical currents placed near pain sites. 10 treatment series. I need to hear any success stories or failures. It’s expensive & not covered by insurance.


You should send a message to RED, the moderator, if you cant find it in search box… He is all knowing…lol!


Thank you Kc. I have e-mailed Red and he hasn’t heard of anyone who has undergone the Scrambler nor any research on long-term pain relief. The good thing is he also directed me to e- mail Dr. Casey, as you did. Asked him about the Scrambler. Also asked him to recommend a Dr. near me (New England) who treats a complex persistent, resistant face pain case like mine. Waiting to hear back. Watched the video. Very informative.


Thanks Cleo. I looked at all the info from the link you sent. I had also a while back contacted Red about it. He recommended strongly against it for facial nerve pain because there isn’t research to back up its efficacy for its use on face pain. But more important to me, he likened it to a TENS machine, which I once used on my face. OMG!! The worst pain ever was triggered by the TENS! So he said likely the Scrambler would do the same - activate my trigger points of pain. So I’m staying away from the Scrambler for now. Probably works better on other kinds of pain. But thanks again for the info. Knowledge IS POWER! Helps us make better decisions and not desperate decisions!

Cleo said:

I had not heard of it or known of anyone who has tried it. But, a friend said it was on The Doctors show last week and sent me this link on it.



Hello Cleo!
I have a big news for you.
Yesterday i completed session 7 with scrambler therapy .
I had glossopharyngeal neuralgia for 3 years with unbearable pains.

Scramble therapy worked 100% for me . No more pain . I forgot how it feels to be PERFECTLY NORMAL .
I am from Romania and here , a session for scrambler therapy only costs 50$ .