Anyone else with PHN? PostHerpatic Neuralgia....?

How often do you get attacks of TN?

The TN is or could be here to stay with or without shingles once you've had it, is this right?

Thanks, Julie

I just want to add here that the first TN episode I've had was just this past month. I may or may not have had shingles previously. I have extensive peripheral nerve damage already and have had Bells Palsy TWICE so am slightly familiar with nerve damage....and the faact that I'm "prone" to herpes reactivating problems...

Also, can I have the shingles vaccine NOW? Will it prevent me from getting shingles ever again?

Can I have the vaccine (it's live) with lupus?

Thanks, Julie

Julie, some of your questions I think may be dangerous for anybody but a physician to answer for you.

That said, from years of research reading, I believe that PHN is not equivalent to TN. It is a neuralgia associated with Shingles, true -- but it can occur anywhere in the body, not just in the face. Post Herpetic Neuralgia can also occur in people who have never had an episode of TN. In some, once Shingles goes back into remission, PHN disappears entirely even without ongoing medication.

How has it been determined that you are "prone" to Herpes reactivation? Simply because you have had Shingles more than once in the past? Likewise, Bells Palsy is basically a diagnosis by reduction rather than a discrete and traceable medical entity. See the Wikipedia entry for a good overview:

I encourage you to consult with your family doctor or an internist to learn whether the Shingles vaccine is appropriate for someone who also has Lupus.

Go in Peace and Power

R.A. "Red" Lawhern, Ph.D.

Resident Research Analyst, LwTN