Anyone combine Baclofen & Gabapentin?

Hi, I’ve been in remission, mostly, for about seven years thanks to B12 injections, but of course, the good times don’t last. This year I had an attack in July and went on to Gabapentin for a while and was able to come off it again in September. However it has come back and it’s a bit worse. I am currently on Gabapentin again and stepping it up, but I wondered if I should try adding Baclofen in rather than going higher and higher with Gabapentin. Anyone ever used this combo and if so did you find it more effective than Gabapentin on its own? Also any special side effects with Baclofen I should be aware of? (I’ve never used it.)

Gabapentin disrupts my sleep, but they all do, and makes me stupid and gives me ataxia, but is hugely better than the Carbamazepine drugs, side effects-wise. Any personal experience most welcome. Thanks!

Welcome back.
I’ve been trialled on both gabapentin and carbamazepine before and, for me, the side effects far outweigh any benefits. The gabapentin made me feel disassociated from myself, horrible.
I must warn the medications should only be changed with the express advice from your treating dr. The mixing or varying of meds can be dangerous and with the variability of effects with Gabapentin alone, adding another medication needs to be very carefully considered. It seems that many people can have a very individual affect from the interactions of meds and it all needs to be taken into consideration, by the professionals, prior to making such changes.

Please speak to your treating doctor in regard to this.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Sorry I’ve never heard of Baclofen. I used Gabapintin in 2019 for a year and a half until I had the Gamma Knife treatment.

I use them together and other people in my small TN group use them together.Of course you need to be prescribed them.I doubt you are going to be taking them from someone else to try.You asked a sincere question.Yes people can be prescribed both.

Darn-I thought you were one of the winners in this crazy game.Hope it goes away soon!