Any problems with trying to lift 10-20 lbs after 1 month post op MVD

Hi there, although pain free post op MVD surgery, I have been lifting 10-20 lbs, from time to time. I Had the surgery May 13, 2016. Still have headaches, double vision and numbness right face and inner right gum line. Tired after little activity and am probably not napping as much as I should, I feel fine otherwise.
Has anyone been lifting things and has anyone had a bad outcome from doing so.??
I am using riding mover and lifting baggers from unit, lifting items out of back of wife’s car etc. I am not abusing my recovery but attempting to slowly get back to my life again. Thanks BB

My neurologist suggested I’ll be having this surgery at some point. Is this something to wait a while for? I don’t follow up again for 10 days. I’m still new to this all. Your side effects post up a month? Is this normal? Is the double Vision debilitating? Im sure 10-20 pounds doesn’t seem like a lot until your not supposed to lift it… I really hope you recover quickly. Surgery really scares me. I’ve never had one in my life.

Yeah your not supposed to lift any weight over 10 pounds if that is too much do no lifting. and no bending over. if you have to bend over keep your head up right. A friend said to me after my surgery to act like I am 85 and just take it easy. I tend to over do it. head aches and even some little eye strikes. But I had a tumor on my 5th cranial nerve and am recovering. Your nerves take the longest time to regenerate so be patient.