Any advice please re: my appointment to see neuro surgeon?

After 4 years of suffering I recently got to see a neurologist who said that I either have TN, A-typical facial pain or temperomandibular joint disorder. The neuro surgeon is the only one who can say if I need another scan & my apmt is tomorrow so any advice would be most welcome please so that I can be prepared. Thank you!

Hi Suzanne,
Write your history of the progression of the pain. That was what told my surgeon that he had no doubt he would find a compression based on my history. And although my MRI was negative, he did find a large vein with major compression.
I it too bad that you have had 4 yrs of pain. I had 3 l/12 but may pain was very much controlled except for the last 6 mths.
Le us know what your surgeon tell you.

hi Liz,
I will try and remember, head is always muddled these days but should be basic enough to say that it has gradually increased. I only started on meds about 10 month ago but the pain has still crept back in each time ive upped them (about 3 times in the 10 months).

I also had one MRI done in Dec2008 which was clear and the neurologist I saw didnt seem to think I would need another, so I am going to press the surgeon to do one anyway. I will let you know what he says, thank you so much :slight_smile: