Any advice on waxing eyebrows or doing makeup?

Since my diagnosis I have not been able to wax my eyebrows or wear makeup and let me tell you, I am lookin' like a hot mess. My husband and I went to a birthday party a couple weeks ago and OF COURSE we ran into his EX. They were together for 5 years and it was the FIRST time I ever met her. Now don't get me didn't bother me AT ALL that she was there and I was actually glad to have finally met her as she was such a HUGE part of my husband's life and had a part in making him who he is (I'm not the jealous type AT ALL) BUT I REALLY would have liked to have looked at least half-way decent. My face was all red and puffy, I had NO makeup on and it looked like a couple caterpillars crawled on my face and died.

Do you guys have ANY advice on grooming? I'd really like to feel pretty again but the thought of brushing on my mineral powder or ripping tiny little hairs off my face causing those terrible, debilitating shocks terrifies me.

I haven’t worn make up for months now and have only worn it on work days for 3 years because wearing it and even worse taking it off causes flare ups. I pluck my eye brows. I bath then pluck gently but not that often because of pain. I force myself to maintain hair and skin but its horrid x

Eyebrow stencils! They sell at kmart and Wal-Mart. You hold the stencil over your brow, then fill it in with mascara or something else dark, then remove the stencil and use manicuring scissors to trim whatever isn’t colored in. I’ve been doing this for years, and it helps to give me a little confidence- at least my eyebrows aren’t a mess! And as far as makeup goes, a little lipstick can go a long way. If it doesn’t bother you, of course… I know how you feel though. It’s one of the little things I took advantage of for years, and now I miss the simple act of applying makeup.

Lidocaine cream,. Clear …give it a few min. To fry…then do your magic!

Inside mouth pain… Lidocaine mouthwash

I manage to apply little swabs of moisturiser and foundation by using a little triangle sponge. It occured to me this morning to wonder if anyone has any success with mineral makeup. The brush looks soft.

I am totally fine on the left side of my face but can't touch or even splash water on the right side without going into code red, face searing electrick shock attackdom!! Mineral Makeup is okay some times using specific brushes on certain area but other day the same thing produces a full on drops you to your knees attack. I haven't even attempted my brows and they are quickly becoming the main focal point on my face. You eyes are just automatically drawn to the caterpillar cemetery that is now my face. LOL


Kc Dancer Kc said:

Lidocaine cream,. Clear …give it a few min. To fry…then do your magic!

Inside mouth pain… Lidocaine mouthwash

Sigh… This is battle of late. I suggest making some slow investments with soft make up brushes. This is the only way I can tolerate applying make up. As for the eye rugs, my only tip is wait till you know you’re having a good day, and only do a small bit fer each eye rug. I know not helpful but that’s all I got right now:(

My lips and part of my cheeks turned dark when I had severe TN pains. For a month, I did not put moisturizer or lip balm. Well I did not even wash my face some days. I normally used to work from home those days cos going to the office was too difficult. On rare good days, I used to pluck my eyebrow, do facial and feel happy.

Thanks, everyone. Sounds like you guys are pretty much in the same boat as me. I have a special nerve face cream but the only time I can apply it is when I'm having an attack. Anything at all touching my face can send me into full blown attacks and they literally drop me to my knees. I'm too scared to even TRY to put the cream on most days so when I have an attack I have my husband or whoever is around put it on for me. I have a 1 and 2 year old so I just can't risk an attack if I'm not already having one. I can deal with the burning, searing and stabbing pain I have throughout the day but the shocks just kick my ass and it's almost impossible to be a mom on those days.

I have really nice, super soft make up brushes but it doesn't matter. My son tried blowing an eyelash off my face once and I had an attack.

Man, I CANNOT WAIT to get my MRI so I can just go get my prolotherapy injections and *hopefully* be done with this ridiculousness!!