Well I got in to see my neurosurgeon really fast. He thinks that my MVD did fail and now I am down to 2 options. The first one we are going to try is called Spinal cord stimulation its just going to be a 3 week trial where they place electrodes up through my spine and into my neck. If this does work a permanent one will be implanted into my body. If he can’t get the electrodes placed right or if the trail fails then the next step is for him to cut the TN nerves. I don’t see any of these options very favourable. But the pain and sharp shocks I’m feeling I told him I’m ready for him to cut off my face. I am back on all the medication I was on before the MVD surgery, so far no relief. It make every day life hard to deal with. I work full time which is hard in its self can im always in pain and try to hide it from people cause I feel like they don’t understand so that too is tiring. Please help with any advice or options or ANYTHING!!!!

Im wondering if anyone has tried the spinal cord stimulation ?? what can I expect the day the surgery?