Another vent, I hate that there is no rhyme or reason

I hate that I cannot predict when something is going to hit. Monday caught me at WalMart, at the fabric counter when the pain started... not the gradual slow build that usually happens, but just WHAM. The lady at the fabric counter actually watched my face turn white and asked if she needed to call 911. My daughter was there and I was so proud of her. She said, "No, my mom has a medical condition and I will call my nana and she will get us." And that is what she did. She got me to the car, went back inside and paid for my purchases, and just let me lay my head in her lap. I have an awesome 13 year old.

I just hate that it can happen at any time. I am beginning to get scared to go anywhere. It seems I will have one really good day, then the next day I am down for the count. My daughter's Christmas recital is Saturday and I am going to be so upset if it flares.

You have an awesome daughter, but you know that.

I never know when my pain will flare up, but I do know that it flares down when I have certain doctor appointments. I joked with my endodontist that I was going to randomly stop by and just sit in his waiting room as a pain control method.

I'm sorry you had such a bad day. Just try and concentrate on the good part -- you have a fantastic family who is there for you, every step, every day. I hope you're feeling better soon...