Another question!

Does anyone wake up because of a pain attack?

Before I got my massive nerve block, my attacks would wake me out of a sound sleep in the middle of the night. It was hellos!

My boyfriend wakes up from the pain every night all night long. He usually gets a maximum of 2 hours sleep before it wakes him up. That's with taking 125mg of amitriptyline & all his other regular meds. That's how he's been since it started. I honestly thought it was normal with TN... One time he got 5 hours straight sleep but not again since then :(

Omg, this is me as well, I hate the night time now.

I think that is what helped my primary doctor believe the pain was SEVERE pain. It would wake me up, every couple of hours, and tears would stream down my face. I wouldn't full out bawl, I can only imagine how much THAT would have hurt, but it was miserable. It hasn't happened since the first week of November this year, at least not that severe pain. I have waken up in pain though.

yes, unfortunately, sometimes it wont let me sleep, other times it wakes me all through the night. so tired and miserable cos of this horrid thing.

Yes, and such a cruel thing because you are so tired from dealing with the pain all day that all you want to do is sleep! I have ATN so my pain is 24/7 and I take ambien to get to sleep but as soon as it starts to wear off I am pulled out of sleep by the pain. After my failed MVD, I developed additional trigger points on my head where they did the craniotomy so the simple act of laying down on my head causes the pain to spike. I'm still trying to figure out how I can sleep sitting up or without my head touching anything but the only thing I can come up with is to become an astronaught and sleep out in zero gravity. Of course the fogginess that my meds cause would surely disqualify me from that endeavor!