Another beautiful example of face twitching!
Someone please help me stop this. I am in so much pain today ad this twitching went on for ages earlier which is why I taped and shared it in an attempt to divert my brain. Help

Helen, the twitching in your right side appears very similar to what happens in a neurological disorder described as "hemi-facial spasm." If that's what it is, then it results from a vascular compression of the sixth cranial nerve. Such spasms sometimes respond positively to treatment with anti-convulsive or anti-seizure medications. Microvascular decompression surgery is also effective in stopping the spasms and associated pain for many patients.

Please go to an Urgent Care facility as soon as you see this note, and get them to have a neurologist evaluate the spasms and prescribe for you. I think you'll want to be seen on a priority basis by a neurosurgeon.

Go in Peace and Power

Red Lawhern, Ph.D.

Resident Research Analyst, LwTN

Hi Red thank u very much. Yes they do seem like hemi- facial spasms. I’m due to see my pain consultant on wed for an emergency apt. I’m also on the surgeons list but that’s a long list!!! It all feels a bit hard today I’m a bit overwhelmed.

Helen, please keep us updated on your status. I was so concerned for you. So glad RED replied to you.

Hi Jackie I’ve had a particularly bad day today. I’m looking less and less like myself. I have a muscle atrophy in my forehead above the right eye too. I’m feeling exhausted. Thanks for yr reply x

Hi red and Jackie. I have been to the pain clinic today. Not much was made of the facial spasms when I explained. The doctor has signed me up for a try with botox injections. I’ve come home just feeling exhausted and despondent. I feel I’m stuck with this condition no one can fix for the rest of my life. I generally look on the bright side but its hard sometimes.

Helen, when you go for Botox injections, you might ask to see a medical doctor in the practice. Ask if he or she can provide references from medical literature that demonstrate a record of effectiveness for Botox injections against hemi-facial spasm due to vascular compressions of the 6th cranial nerve. If they can't come up with anything, then ask why you should accept treatment that isn't known to be effective. Meantime I'll be digging for the same. I'll let you know what I find.

Sometimes we need to kick arse and take names. Give 'em hell, lady.Go in Peace and Power


OK I will thanks x

Just wanted to send you a hug Helen.... ((((Helen))) hang in there.

Helen, I totally agree with Red, do your homework. It’s your face and your pain. I am hoping for facial peace for you.

Yes I continue to research and await my appointment with the neurosurgeon. I no it sounds silly but I’m desperate to try surgery now just to no I’ve done everything possible to stop this situation. Its the best option for what has happened to me. The problem my doctors see is my case is too complex and would be made worse by surgery. But its an option I have to explore. Thank u all. Your support is appreciated more than I can say x

Hi Red and Jacki. I received botox treatment this past week and I am pleased to say I am spasm and pain free. x

Helen, that’s excellent news, so pleased for you :slight_smile:
Maybe you would like to write a discussion of how it went, to help someone else out??

Hi Jackie yes I have done a few days ago. Its a big relief x