Amitriptyline isn't working too well anymore, suggestions for next drug?

My doctor and I are making this 'trip' together. I am very lucky he diagnosed me quickly. I went from TN1 to TN2. I have continued taking the gabepentin, along with 100 mg of Amitriptyline. Since the TN2 stated in Sept, the Amit. has done fairly well in keeping my pain low grade. But not totally. But last night I having almost constant burning, stronger pain, and some shocks. So what should be my next step?

I was on gabepentin and oxycarbimine before my pain ceased. For a few weeks I was on high doses of oxycodone when the pain was at it's most intense. Took the edge off and made it bearable.

Tegretol is probably the main drug used to combat TN. It was effective on me up to a point. It is not without side effects although they vary between individuals. With me it was poor concentration and occasional blurred vision, especially when I was on my maximum dose of 1600 mgs per day. I was also taking 1800mgs of Gabapentin along with Amitriptyline which meant I was pretty flat for much of the time.

I'm taking Tegretol and starting gabapentin this week for the burning pain. The neurologist has me bump up a dose of Tegretol if the shocking pain is really bad. Also taking Percocet when it gets real bad, doesn't take it away but helps take the edge off the pain. Hope you are doing better

Thank y'all for your replies. Here is an odd thing I've just noticed, when I am exercising I have no pain whatsoever. It would do me a world of good-hehehe-if I could spend all my time on the treadmill or elliptical, but its not practical.

I worry about impairing my memory (my DH and I just about equal one good brain), because I am a role player for the Federales, I have enough trouble as is keeping up with about six different roles. (I should be loads of fun in the nursing home)

Try topiramate an anti seizure drug