Amitriptyline and heart rate?

I have some sort of TN that I have managed extremely well with low dose (20 mg) amitriptyline for almost 2 years. I got a fitbit for my birthday though, and was alarmed at how high my heart rate was - from 80-100 most of the time. Up to this point, my heart rate was always very low - 50-65 - and medical people always asked me if if I was an athlete. Looking up amitriptyline and heart rate - it definitely says it increases heart rate and in one study people's heart rate went from an average 75 to average 95. They were taking a much larger dose than I am, however. Anyway, I will discuss this with my doctor but now I'm wondering if some other medication without effects on heart rate might be better. Looking around though - I'm not sure how to proceed. Any thoughts appreciated, thanks, mb

Shoot. I was just started on nortriptyline a few months ago and it has been very helpful for my tn2. I have been able to come down some on my gabapentin because of it but I am concerned with your post. I will have to ask my cardiologist when I see him next month.

I worry about this too. I am on Nortrip and have high blood pressure. I have had high bp for a long runs in my family. I am keeping a tab on it. I am having problems with anxiety too so it is hard to know what is to blame.